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Me a to just take a photo of a spider or snake or any animal I'm worried could potentially mode me and have it identified. pedia is a collaboration between crates, Nick and Murray SCA- and Australia's national. Science agency CSIRO. It is a machine learning engine designed to automatically identify different species of spiders and snakes. An AI PAL powered algorithm like crispy request hundreds of thousands of images to become accurate in its assessments. So Csiro and data sixty one hoping to get as many people as possible to download critic Pedia and upload pictures of spiders snakes them. I see in the wild. Why does Australia always do this every time we have a spider, a snake story in Australia that involves science. It always has this one bit that involve members of the public having to foot dangerous things in just. Kept way too close to these. I liked the title critic. Pedia it sounds like someone who has a sexual fetish for underage. Only likes the exact. I'm sure that exists. Yeah. It's a right. ABC going camping and the one thing I don't like is spiders. And snakes. I'm not sure which what I hate the most. Not Hate but are you know a fear the most? I know all Stralia has the most poisonous of anything. Pretty much. It's all of them, and particularly when we we did a little tour of Australia at the beginning of last year and we started off up in Queensland in cans, and that's where you know that's where the west of the mall. That's their Florida. And it's just. It's everything that is weird and possibly fatal lives up there. That's we are on the edge of the rainforest areas and. Yet, we were a mike out who helped organize the tour and was one of guest scientists on the first episode. He was showing US rounds, his college campus, and he was like, yeah, there was just sneak. It was the one of the groundskeepers just found the GENITA- just hanging off that bit of railing that we will post. It was like a tight pan or something like that time. That's all straight. That sounds like I. Think it's hype straight in snake. A, good Asia dish. Delicious. Delicious Yeah an-and splice James Clavell. Is it. I've never been to Australia I. Really WanNa go. It's worth going just got to stay away from the spiders actually met, we could've used critter pedia or our listeners could have used critter pedia who follow me on instagram because I've been posting all the critters that I find out in Joshua Tree on instagram. Much to the Chagrin of a lot of my followers who don't like seeing black widows, but a lot of black widows they love I, don't know how. US Talking to Steve AG WHO's also spending his Corinthian. And like. Black Widows and desert garages. It's like. Are they just in the dirt and waiting for houses to be built and they just don't get where they are when they're aren't houses to be garages of because, I don't think they have a habitat that isn't that but. Yeah, multiple of those that I was posting videos. On instagram and some of our Ozzy listeners were saying, oh, it's a redback, and I'd never heard of a read back like no talk got red on its belly hourglass on its belly and looked it up, and the Australian black widow has the red mark on its back. Instead of on its underside, they do everything upside down. About their spider webs our like somehow verse. The black was you can also tell I google I. Want to make sure before I saw that red thing that it was. They also have crazy chaotic webs. They don't have like pretty. All really patterns in their webs are just like a mess about black widows just suck. Just shine webs. So. That's crazy. It's a which which is more. I guess venomous poisonous, the Kiosk Brown recluse and terms I confused question like American. Black widower versus Australian black widow. But in general I've heard like a the Brown reclusives is the worst one. Let's on you. I'm looking. At a quick Google on this. Brazilian. Wandering Spider, never heard of that. You can't find that guy Yeah. Let's see if this is actually an order. Just a list of some cool poisonous bugs, outdoor life dot Com. By the way I while I was looking at the coastal type PAN is the one that is because the inland Taipan. The coastal Taipan is the one that is most likely to be in Queensland though I think that's the one that mic was telling us. was. Rascal was moved on by A. That's something you have to do if you're a janitor. groundskeeper in Queensland Queensland. State you just have to sometimes. Move very venomous snake with a stick. He was just cleaning up. So funny. The first job I ever had was Mowing the grass golf course I was like. Thirteen or fourteen I could ride my bike there long story short the groundskeeper, right? was trying to teach me how to mow the grass with these giant fairway mowers under trees that have limbs kind of hang down. So anyway. He's trying to get close to the trade dilemmas, kind of hanging down and I can't hear him. He's trying to talk to me over the stupid lawnmower. and. He pulls out. From, under the tree, go see, it's that simple and there was a giant black snake just sitting on his shoulder. He wasn't aware of it and I feel like setting janitors and grounds, people do they just like attract snakes? Film whereas like you. and. Your. Piece. Talking, and you're just trying to mime like there's a snake on your shoulder. But not in a way that would alert it and he's still just talking and talking, and you just do this and waving is just trying. Yeah, I think WH-. Yeah. When he finally discovered the snake, he got you know he just sort of threw it off his shoulder. Kept going like nothing happened like it was no big deal. But. Yeah. Not a fan of snakes. I take a snake over a spider, but I'm biased clear used to have pet snakes growing up. There you go. Yeah and I would go spider over I dunno spiders because he had the. The legs the and they're very fast and they can hide under stuff i. feel like. At least I can visually keep an eye on where it's at. Play unless it's a tiny snake, but yet the first black what I found, the garage was like he'd built a Web just outside of the water heater and then as soon as I. Turn the light on scurried back into the part of the water heater that you'd have to reach your hand into the pilot light Oh this kit. This kicks. This is not tenable situation. I can't just have house in their. Thanks for the story just in. Yeah. You can. You can sign up now anyone in. Australia. Consign up and start helping to. Give the a the training pitches if you so choose. Well, we took him out of There's another good animal story, the ascend him by I. Know It was sent in by Michael. Valbuena I. Hope I'm pronouncing your name correctly, but I just put this in the show notes eaten water beetles stay life by escaping through the predators anus. You'd think we want to cover the story on a comedy site, show a for some reason. What. Kind of water beetles did you say eaten like Walter Beatles that have been eaten swallowed? Oh I see in the person being killed by our Predator by FROG, specifically. They a god, the CNN. Send into CNN version of the story I found this one. They've been fully digested because that's the case we all escape eventually through someone's. True. So the Aquatic Beetle Regime Baltia at. OUGHTA is Latin name. Can survive a journey through a duck spotted frogs. And exit alive through his feces according to a study published last Monday in the journal current biology. The pressure of being hunted is typically what least the evolution of of different escape behaviors, impre animals, surviving the extreme conditions of an animal's that justice system is a wild. That depends on the praise animals ability to move quickly through to the Klay CNN, put a hung escape hatch. There was another pun of the top there. There was a BG's Pun that I sped you. Around the phrase, stay in a life. Yes. Such a deadly environment could impose speedy and activists escape behaviors, swallow prey species so Shinji. SA-. Jira. Who is the author of the study tested this hypothesis with aquatic beetles, dot spotted frogs after the frog swallow the Beatles. Ninety percent.

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