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Brought to you by straight talk wireless. That's phones, that's networks. No contracts. You sound like a horse racing public address announcer and coming around the sets is that face lullaby mustache while ginger. This could be going worse at this rate. You're not gonna even come back tomorrow, which is already gig. That's a meal Hassen insecure. The laugh, you just heard is from standing Gundy, I wanna play this sound for STAN Van Gundy and amino has and from Scottie Pippen, and Tracy McGrady is a lot of experience and Scottie Pippen as one of the top fifty basketball players of all time is always good for some quotes where you're like. I'm for the quotes that will provide disagreement that ESPN feeds on as on all of its channels because Scotty Pippin over the years as said some things that we can argue about I think he's changed his mind about forty times about whether LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. But here are Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady talking about Zion. Williamson college basketball's the biggest star definitely going to be the number one pick. I mean, I think he's done enough for basketball college basketball that is is is more about him for and I think for him. Was a young player that I would shut it down. Let me. Me I would stop playing because I feel that he could wrist a major injury that could really hurt his career football players doing it. Why not the college football players skipping a bowl games? And they're getting ready to come by. If I was him. I know him. Lease NBA. I'm out of here. I'm so down. Stan. I mean football players are doing it and shutting it down but only in the bowl games when they're out of championship contention. That's not gonna happen to Duke duke's going to be in contention until they either win at all or losing the NCAA tournament. I hope that's not a trend that will start to infiltrate college basketball. But you do have to take his point seriously about the injury and injury could cost this guy millions of dollars. So I understand why brings it up isn't. He also more likely to get injured because of his size and the way that he plays. And like if there's a guy in the in in college basketball that I would look at and say there's a high probability or there's a higher probability that he gets injured playing that way that high at that size would be what I would be looking at. Well, actually, I would think the probability the the one person that would have a higher probability of getting injured than him would be anybody that gets in his way basket. Ball court. QC the chart talked. The charge was very talk talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest, most dependable four G LT network. Dan, Amine says that LeBron is the drug that you cannot quit explain to stand. What it is that you were saying on highly questionable yesterday. It's funny because of trying to think about all these teams that he's on and how they play really well when he's out there, and we say LeBron makes everyone better on the court. And you say yes, and you start to believe that these other guys played with a really good. And then the moment he had sit out due to injury. Or what have you their level of performance dropped so dramatically that it's almost like they need LeBron to even be decent NBA players. You look back at the Cleveland Cavaliers with Kevin Levin career having both were all MBA caliber players all star players when LeBron didn't played it was something like four and thirty. And so I'm wondering if there's something about LeBron because he's so all encompassing in terms of taking over your program. How we're gonna play on both sides of the ball. That you literally can't play without him. If you get used to playing with them. Now, I think it's a great point. And I don't think it's necessarily because there's not enough talent. I mean, kyri Irving and Kevin love if you put them on a team together is certainly going to be a playoff team in the east if they're healthy. I think the point you made a mean is right on it..

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