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Of offering a way to make those improvements the seattle's who strict will start using cameras to capture footage of drivers who illegally past school buses the districts working with the king county sheriff's office and american traffic solutions will and more this morning news coverage coming up to just about twenty minutes from now tribal leaders mike launch their own plan to tax carbon emissions in washington state as we hear from komos eric height sis follows the failure of another other group that tried to get a statewide carbontax initiative on the november 2018 ballot to include the tribes fawn sharp president of the affiliated tribes of northwest indian says there is a very high likelihood the tribal leaders will end up sending their own initiative to voters next year the alliance for jobs and clean energy is working on the statewide initiative a member of the alliance signal adjust the group hasn't done a good job of engaging the tribes but says they wanted to change that by working together to unify the initiatives eric heintz komo news komo news time no nine '09 end of the city of mukilteo still trying to figure out who's responsible for damaging a wooden footbridge at a popular part over the weekend a group of boys couch rebuilt that bridge at the entrance to japanese go they made sure the base was secure before adding the top boards the stakes are governor angle is going gonna make it really hard for some of the deal the color of and take it out the extra security measures was added this time after a vandal caused extensive damage to that first footbridge the scouts built last month as part of an eagle scout project the bridge had been only place for less than two weeks when all those boards were stolen skulls ryan yellow moto i tend to the libe auto broker sportsdesk russell wilson avoided not one but two potential saxon managed to five paul richardson in the corner of the end zone for a nygaard touchdown with 700 six to go on the game after the two teams the forty metres missy hawkes of combined for fourteen toy title quarters without a touchdown this season for seattle finally got past the line wilson erratic at ties and magical at times including that final drive or that.

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