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Speedboat parked out in front of the driveway at somebody's house. They were looking to go fishing early in the morning. Hey, that looks pretty comfortable. You crashed out the speedboat. Pashtuns. Okay, speedboat. He was effing with us when he woke up in the last five o'clock in the morning started to pull away while we were passed out. You're lucky you didn't get shot like that Boston Marathon bomber did he was, you know he was cool about it. But you guys get out. Come on, Beat it way Didn't we didn't make it. We didn't make it home that night, stumbling back from the bars and broad ripple. We just saw the speedboat and said, Hey, this is pretty comfortable. You're lucky you didn't get shot eight times in, the homeowner said I thought you were a deer. Wow. You're lucky to be alive. Matt Bear. He's gonna look at the roads were looking at the Westside here myself bound for 65 slow 74 down the 10th And then the Northeast side. It's eastbound 4 60, find this stuff and go Keystone over the Alison Bill Roedy East side, South bound 4 65 jams at 70. Then we're gonna be slow down the Arlington Avenue north bound lanes pretty bad 74 to Brookville Road and committed the downtown inbound 65 slow roll west to the North fleet into the closure Traffic sponsored by Chapman. Heating plumbing in there don't waste precious time and money would problems arise called Chapman with over 30 years experience in central Indiana. He's the man for all seasons visit Chapman heating dot com I meant bear followers on Twitter for instant traffic updates a Wi VC trap. Cloudy skies and 81 right now, with the American Standard Cooling Weather Center coming up a little bit after 3 30 el presidente, eh? Dave Portnoy, the president of bar stool who's gonna join us? He's going to call.

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