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Joe kebich did yesterday was pretty pretty impressive. Yep you're right about djokovic. He doesn't seem to be a big sweater and he murray early in his career he wore. He went up top button. He used to have like the polo shirt. He he was so composed. Go top button. Like i i don't even in unbutton twice to get you. Take it out he. I'm looking at pictures of him. He looks like he's it's a fifth set. Look just starting the match. Don't make me unbutton this next button. I don't wanna do that to you. Know time yeah yes mclovin. So i think appropriate impossible to rate athlete like if we put a pole as he overrated underrated properly rated or impossible to rate because if he passes federer in the major record. Do we have to say he's better than federer or and you said you said. You can't compare murad labor. I think he's impossible to rate. I think i would say. Federal is still the best player that i've i've seen on all the surfaces his athleticism but nidal fascinates me Probably more one dimensional with with clay in that that's what stood out. Even more is that he lost on clay. he doesn't lose on clay. And the fact that jovovich was able to beat him in four sets was was really remarkable and jovovich was down two sets yesterday. So you down to and then all of a sudden it's like yeah all right like gave the crowd you know. It's almost like when floyd mayweather carried one of the paul brothers like you're just like all right. I think it's time to end this now. We're done and he just went boom boom boom and that was it all right. We'll get phone calls. Best and worst of the weekend. What we saw that we liked. We didn't like the packers. Continue to make things worse. I saw this with mark. Murphy is the ceo of the packers and he said some fan event. You know a lot of times when you go to these things you go to a luncheon. There's no cameras you get a little loose sometimes. Yeah your plan to a hometown crowd. This is mark. Murphy's already said that. Aaron rodgers what's going on is dividing our fan base. If somebody has his cell phone they start to record this and then he's quoting the the late. Gm ted thompson. Where ted thompson referred to aaron rodgers as complicated. That's not a compliment.

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