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That's really bad news for guys like you who are running statewide, honestly, right? Um Yes, And no. I mean, I don't think that's gonna happen. Everywhere we go. People are concerned about the election. But everywhere we go. Um, I tell I told voters. I know exactly what the Democrats did in 2020, and we're going to stop him from doing it in 2022. We're going to improve the system and make it better. You know, Um, it's like my my thing is, is that Whose responsibility is it to put on an election that is free, fair, secure and accurate in the state of Pennsylvania? It's not have the state who doesn't trust the result. The responsibility for doing that flies with Governor Wolf lies with Josh Shapiro lies with Fetterman. And it lies with book far If people don't trust the process is that Republicans fault is that Democrats voter in depends that the Citizen spot? No. It is the fault. Our administration here in Pennsylvania. It's their job. You put two to make sure people have faith in the process. And now after the fact that people are saying, Hey, wait a minute. Maybe there were some problems. There. They just blow us all off and say no, no, screw you. You don't know what you're talking about. Like you're just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorist. It's like no, wait. Hang on a second. You have the state doesn't trust that's right for you Fail not to pee. And furthermore, not only, Yeah, knock it off, but we're not going to let you and it's and it's an assault on democracy. If you look at it, so we're not going to allow it. We're going to fight you every step of the way. Very off, Putting Sean Parnell. I gotta run. But I want to ask you what's the best way People can reach out to your campaign running for Senate? How can people help you if they want to get involved? Go to Parnell for senate dot com. Join the movement, Help us win Pennsylvania and save America because that's the mission, And that's what 2022 comes down to. Those are the stakes. Mr Parnell. Thanks for your service to the country your time today. Come back and see us, please. Okay. Thanks, Chris. Take care that Sean Parnell, It's 7. 54 time for look at traffic..

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