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Stats equated with a ninety when team last year we happen to one eighty four so it's probably not you know not that unusual that the project is to win more than eighty four but hopefully will prove me wrong in and won a lot more in a five after the grievances that seven text yeah clearly everything worse is had also they're all at him speak for himself it was gonna be here towards the end of this week looking forward to being here but yeah I just wanted once the reverse is over as one to reach out and see if you want to connect on anything at all along my view of of the grievances van that it was you know a by product of the business elements of the game that was you know something that was wasn't our process but something that we would participate in as requested and be respectful of an I. E. N. Meyer players who at the appropriate time are willing to stand up and assert their rights I don't ever want players who bite their tongue and and feel like they got cheated or feel like their their rights were infringed upon yeah a player's career as a precious thing and we encourage us to stand up for themselves and their times that you have to even if it's uncomfortable even if it's hard you have to stand up in a search your rights and he did there's a process in place to you know how to deal with that he went through it we participated as requested and in the end if you read yeah they are the arbitrator's decision I think our our actions were validated in approach was but there were no hard feelings on either end and I don't resent Chris or hold it against him in any fashion in fact I I respect that he is going to do that even upright wasn't easy the five I have a lot of names.

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