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Today. Remember that's cars with a K. It's 11, 18 traffic and weather on the eights. Let's go to Ian Crawford in the W. T o P Traffic Center where we started in Maryland Sound bound on to 70 after 3 70 closer to the ramp for the slippery and I should say for Shady Grove Road, be Exit eight with caution for what may remain of the earlier crash in response on scene 95 South about in Maryland, near Route 100, Maryland State authorities say they have reports of debris in the road. Away with caution for what might be lurking in the director's. Otherwise. It's a quiet, right 95 the B W Parkway, one Beltway to the other 50 across the Bay Bridge. Two lanes heading in each direction. Westbound on the westbound span, the left lane being blocked as they discontinue the to a operations for the holiday weekend. At least for tonight. Anyway. On the Beltway, it is quiet in Maryland and Virginia Watch for work that is said to be set upon the outer loop. After Arlington Boulevard exit 50 with the left lane blocked their 95 3 95. Far south. There's Reggie's Bergh doing fine. Thanks on 28 North bound the ramp to go east on Gloucester Parkway in Sterling. This crash from the last hour. Given to us by Loudon County authorities and they say that ramp is still blocked. G W Parkway North bound, diverting into memorial Circle looks like that works on his back as they do the work beneath the deck of the Arlington Memorial Bridge in the main lanes of the parkway. So you have to divert through memorial Circle to get around that work zone present. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer Termites call home Paramount has control for a free inspection. 888888 home or home. Paramount dot com. I mean Crawford w T o p traffic. Thank you in and now here is Storm Team four meteorologist Doug Camera. 24 has been tracking a cold front that is moving through the region and it is going to lead to some beautiful weather.

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