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And is an addition with the two corners that they added, how good could it be very good guy. We as a media in general, this is where I want a few times. You hear me speak to the media in general. We keep overlooking a really good player on defense, and that is Michael Brocker and you. You put brokers and sue and Donald on that defensive line. I don't know who's gonna run against them and then some of the games they will be able to run with those three movable, massive objects up front that granted, they don't have that spectacular edge rusher. But I think some of the things they'll. Be able to do with three versatile, defensive tackles when you've got to end Donald who do have some some edge, rushing potential more so than Donal. I think that's going to set the table for the guys. You know, on the back end, the secondary show good safety. You know, Marcus joining. When I talked to people from other teams, they're like the do jumps out on defense on films number twenty. That's the markets joint. So they've got the potential to be really good. And then if the Rams play like they did last year where they get leads on people where they can really turn that defense Luth, you know, they, they could be, you know, I'm really looking at the Rams defense and the falcons defense as being some of the biggest speed playmaking disruptive defenses in the NFC you know, see, what do you expect from Sean McVay in year two, I think last year he was the, you know, rookie head coach fee nom he was the genius, the guy who brought this, this intensity, but this energy. Thirty two to football. He was the NFL's coach of the year. You do all that in your first year. How do you follow it up with an encore? Great question because there's been a lot of coaches. You set the bar really high. It's hard to to repeat year after. I think the thing for him will be more. I mean, when he came in and he just really saw and taught offense through a completely different prison than we've seen it taught in years outside of Kyle Shanahan. They're both kind of in the same category and got people to execute it that way. I think now you're going to see him grow more as overall team leader talking to people about how he handles players out. He handles organization how we really gets everybody going. I think you're going to see more of that while at the same time, the stylistics are not going to diminish. I mean, the things you hear about him looking at things that the coaches are doing the college and and different offense games now that he can that he can concoct because he's got a brand in cook whose different than tape. Austin and Sami walking. I mean, they see this guy wheels are constantly turning, so I think the offense is going to continue to evolve. I think overall terms Sean McVeigh you know, he's really gonna be looked at is is more of an overall team leader than just, you know, authentic fen. Golly, Steve Weiss is our guest. You can see him throughout the week on NFL networks. NFL total access at four o'clock Pacific time. It's Steve. This is similar question. What Kirk was just asking you, but what's a successful season for them. Because last year it kind of caught everybody's by surprise. Coming off of a foreign twelve year. They win the division. They host a playoff game. They then ultimately end up losing the falcons in a wildcard game, but everybody felt pretty good about it. It's kind of out of nowhere. Now with all the additions that we've talked about, Jared Goff another year, Todd Gurley coming off of MVP caliber season. What is a successful year in your to Sean McVeigh? I think they've got a push for the conference now whether that gets into the Super Bowl or not, we'll see. But you know, they again, they shut the tape before. Last year and that game against the falcons I, it was a home game, and the moment looked too big for when you watch a lot of those games Turkey, we were both there..

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