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I read the melody fairly quickly. We was a great hand today because I was writing. I was with the jeans musical which was out of town at that time and I knew it was going to be a disaster and I remember the not GonNa worry about it this afternoon. I'm going to start writing something new very good piece of advice to people coming into the theater which which is always really having your mind INEX- project's GonNa be because it doesn't matter then how it's your I mean the Old George Abbott who was one hundred and whatever it was when he died. I'm always saying you know when you've got a musical opening. Make sure the ten o'clock morning afterwards you go to meeting about the next one and I was actually should completely follow that advice but I certainly think it's always a good idea to have another thought other thoughts going getting in your head about what you might right. You are so clearly doing what you're meant to do Well the luckiest thing you can have in life is to know what you want to do and then if you are lucky enough to be able to make it your career that's it's fantastic and if as lucky as I've been that have not in your career. But it's allowed you indulge yourself in other things like my number bought. Ah By pictures. I can do what I won't. You are very very lucky. Indeed and that's why I believe very strongly in putting back into the theater what I can hand back into music. What what can the really interesting thing to me? I guess is that you know. I got the opportunity to help. Young people get into the get into music. I eight thousand children. Roughly and getting free music lessons in Ah in Britain and we have the initiative that funded that is listed by the American theatre wing. Here which gained is about getting children younger people into into music and theater. I bought a break difficulties at the moment. Right across the world is is that the arts and music music in particular. Michael is being cut out of the school curriculum. And it's absolutely insane because with the scheme that I'm talking about about eight thousand kids. We have roughly clean in Britain. These are all in schools in pretty rough areas and what happens. It's not about making them turning them into musicians will let's great if few of them do become so but it's about actually giving them something which is liberating and and we find that. Ah Behavior changes that the schools weather the music is embraced. You find that a lot of difficulties with crying knife crime drugs and and everything actually disappear and one of the things we also discover the if you give the children a musical instrument very often. It's the first thing saying that they've ever truly owned. And we find that sense of ownership often leads to kids wanting to come in and work on out of school is. They'll oh come on a Saturday and make music and it's really vital for. I believe the health of society that we keep music in our education system all over the world. Where does music mean to you what it means? I think I think it means that you could be free. Liberated I really you do feel that I think that it. It does through music and appreciation and listening to music. You can find something that is outside side of the noble Monday knife and you find something the truly does enrich.

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