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Are pressing democratic presidential candidates to back proposals. For changing the supreme court, a move that could draw protests from voters who don't want to up end, the state institution pack the courts a recently formed group led by San Francisco state university. Professor Aaron Belkin is trying to pressure candidates to support an expansion of the high court's membership. So far, he's been unsuccessful. More from Wall Street Journal, political reporter, Joshua Jamerson. Josh what's up here? Really borne out of frustration on the bus with the way to superior court has made sense for the right over the last three years and they point to such as five four, Janice. This is for the court said that public sets, please. Of being forced to pay pieces in. They're also they've been in three straight nominations, the garlic miracle inside the courses in that cabin working crap on the side. And so there's a stray shit on the left with that. And so they're these groups that are pushing twenty twenty candidates aback changing fun. I'm gonna make the court. What about right now? I mean in theory, Senate Republicans would love that with Mason's. They could probably easily nominate anybody they wanted if they decided to expand to eleven or fifteen. Well, the way that it would work in the mind progresses is that a critic of the boys hack the courts with progressive, and they point to, you know, a lot of polling that shows that they they come down on the right side of issues with the public, and therefore the court should reflect public sensit- oughta range of issues from abortion to workers rights. So the goal here is to pack the courts with the goal of making it in a more progressive ideology, if they get a democrat elected president at twenty twenty exactly and then they would then they wouldn't feel so strongly about expanding the fourth exactly in Pesident Trump to set that Republicans other publican that as well. This is Democrats who can't win at about box and therefore trying to change the rules too. The court favor. Get imagine this is an issue. That's top of mind for voters is it there. To very interested in the idea. But democrat candidates so far have been hesitant in invoicing. Somebody's proposals. Everything from expanding the court to eleven fifteen people creating term limits. The justices or making them and here to some sort of ethical guy. When such faking tax returns public even things that the candidate have set open to the specimen, but they haven't been quick to embrace them because they know they could be with and, you know, the four at the are tried and it was one of the biggest setbacks that he's just reach white. Receiving with Joshua Jamerson political reporter at the Wall Street Journal, his piece is called democratic candidates urged toback supreme court overhaul. So how much weight I guess are progressive going to push their candidates to embrace this versus say other issue. The question. I think we're gonna have to wait and see already at least one progress ochre promise to Wade into benefited five Mary with ads that would let voters know that candidate a support saints in court where the candidate will be on your ballot for the democratic nomination. So this could be an issue where you know, progressive tried to to meet out candidates that they feel are liberal and issue, but for so ways away from the first. Josh Wall Street Journal political reporter, Joshua Jamerson. It's twenty one minutes now in front.

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