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A truck driver by trade bought a bunch of weather balloons. Some sources say forty to forty five. He filled them when helium and tied them to a lawn chair. The what. I got to this point. I said this has got to be good. So he ties forty five where the balloons to launch. He provided himself with the two way radio a parachute some jugs of water and a rifle and then cut his conveyance loose from the bumper of his car which was anchoring it to the ground. Take a moment to imagine the throw and terra of that. Ascent transforming a man surrounded by the normal princes of life garden house sport utility terra firma into a spec floating in space hetty rigged up some sort of seatbelt. Did the chip tip and wobble. Did he call out to the figures below. We don't know we don't know we don't know it is clear however that he violated f. a. r.'s. I don't know what that means. It's all caps. just don't forget. This is in flying aviation regulations. That's oh i love it by passing through the los angeles t. ca. We don't know what that is either without a transponder. Our clearance to passing jetliners reported. Control a man with a gun seated all deckchair at eleven thousand feet helicopter went up to take a look. Walters had planned to descend one blue walk now plan to descend by shooting out the balloons with this gun. One time ten of them this way when he accidentally dropped the tell you what will the first who trump accidentally.

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