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35 minutes after two o'clock. Just a little musical. Education here, thistles the Dave Brubeck. Poor Ted recorded 1954. And the song is called Audrey. Written by the Alto player You're listening to by the name of Paul Desmond. Now, Paul Desmond also wrote, Take five, which was the biggest hit. Her boo Beck. E believe. Take five. Reach number one. Paul Desmond wrote it. And Paul Desmond was with Dave Brubeck from 1951 to 1967. Heredity white. Why did he write this song? Yeah, well, Brubeck was playing at the Basin Street. In New York City. All. Desmond was lto sax player. And Paul Desmond Woz. I guess. Accurate to say he was in love. From afar. With Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn was On Broadway in on Dean. Play called on dean of 46 Street Theater, New York City the same time that Brubeck was playing Basin Street a couple blocks away. So every evening ball, Desmond would ask Dave Brubeck to take the intermission at exactly the same time. They would Desmond would duck out. The Basin Street run down the street stand outside the 46 3 Theater. Who wait for Audrey Hepburn to come out of her dressing room and get into the limo. So he wrote this song, Audrey. They never met never meant. All Desmond died from lung cancer 1977. Single He never knew were there Audrey Hepburn had ever heard his song. Like I said in love from afar, as famous is Paul Desmond was he never got to meet Audrey Hepburn. She died in 1995. Her ex husband under Adadi. Be Andre body. Call Dave Brubeck. And the as Dave Brubeck if they would come and play at Audrey Hepburn's memorial at the United Nations headquarters, because He was an ambassador and large for the nine nations if they would play Audrey at the memorial for her at the United Nations. Her ex husband called a brew back. Hey, Brubeck was shocked. He said. I had no idea you'd be aware of the song Audrey Ex husband said My wife listen to that song every night. Before she went to bed. So she didn't know it was written for her. She didn't know this song. But unfortunately she never reached out to the man who wrote the song who had been in love with her from afar for all those here It's a tear jerker, innit? Just break your heart. Poor Paul Desmond. All right. We will speak with Senator Antoinette CD A Lopez it three o'clock today. About this this fracking water bill, But I also want to talk to you about guns. And she has a bill that would require you require all adults. To lock up your guns. And is pretty harsh Bill and when talk to her about that. She's also a candidate for the seat currently held in Congress by them home. We'll talk about that. Why she wants to be in Congress. Now that race just got larger to Democrats just just got in the race. Two more Democrats. There are now eight Democrats. The two Who just got in our Olinda Guerrero. And she describes herself as an M perfect. Revolutionary. Okay, And then they're Francisco Fernandez. He's had a career in the film industry. And Francisco says he would be quote. The first openly gay congressional member from New Mexico. And the first H I V positive member of Congress. So those are the two latest entrance into into this crowded field. Already. There was the there was the form for the Democrats put on the other day by invent indivisible Nob Hill. I'm not sure I asked the Democratic Party if they're going to do anything, and they had not decided If they would do some kind of forum for all the all of the Democrats, obviously be online be virtual And you know we're not in district one, but we're all interested in that district in that race. All right. We'll take a time out of 42 minutes after two o'clock, Anything on your mind Find with Mi 505424 12 60, a new study out by Harvard University. About.

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