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The American embassy began at about a hundred additional US marines are now the embassy itself firefighters in Australia working to hold back wildfires cease fires they're spread to get worse of already done so much damage here in New South Wales really across the country we're seeing more than two hundred fires into Australia's most populated states of these players have caused the deaths of at least eighteen people destroying well over twelve thousand homes as well and ABC's Maggie Rulli in South Wales you're listening to ABC news all right time is coming up on eight ten time to get outside and check on it see how things are rolled along with rhino things rolling along pretty well around Sacramento was mentioned last time around highway for a little bit west of I. five down the stocking area is shut down in both directions I don't know exactly what's going on but that we do know there is an accident involved Stockton PD is investigating no estimated time of getting that reopened freeways around Sacramento look great eighty from Roseville nine minutes to the cap cities what I know the nine on the cap city freeway near downtown thirteen minutes in from elk Grove on I five eighteen although it on fifty from fall some twenty one from woodland on I five if you're coming in from Davis but sixteen minutes cross the causeway to downtown Sacramento traffic on the chance every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Ryan nobles news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. today we're looking at a dense fog advisory until ten o'clock this morning sunny with some scattered clouds throughout the day I run sixty degrees today tomorrow sun and clouds high in the upper fifties and there's a chance of scattered showers overnight and Saturday they will continue.

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