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That's it uh it's happened more than once and it has been with the planet saturn okay set up a telescope i have a modest eighty millimeter telescope it's enough to look at planets yes it is and you get a thirty times were better fifty time magazine occasion woman works through the eye peace and goes whoa whoa since me postcards the next day mike just as the in romance with the saturn oh okay steady you postcards of saturn known ah just didn't composed cars of things are uh but it was uh it's happened more than once when people look at the planet saturn i claim ever cosmic moment newark your perspective is enlarged people think it's now why just saturn i mean i think it's because it's inherently intrinsically so pretty so it's such a beautiful object okay and there's this moment as happened but i can't i cannot count more than a handful of times from people's did you put a slide in their did you for slovenia telescope i wasn't look no that's it that's actually that actual is you're looking at it when the plains of the plane of the rings is especially favor boats especially beautiful but i am sure caroline porco would be very happy to hear you say that uh i hope so as the leader of the cassini team if you're scoring on reuss cassini was the mathematician who predicted the gaps in the rings mathematically and after home the spacecraft is named great the cassini spacecraft which took pictures and still does is still taking pictures your tax dollars at work people enter you know as a better use of tax dollars the most of the stuff that's happened numsa us to fire trucks eyes testify.

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