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This is morning edition from NPR news. I'm Noel king. And I'm Steve Inskeep. Two undefeated teams play for the college football championship tonight. Number one ranked Alabama plays number two. Clemson they are meeting in the playoffs for the fourth straight year. And if that feels monotonous to you NPR's, Tom Goldman reports the fans of the two teams don't really care, the keyword here is again, and how you say it reveals which side you're on if it's Alabama and Clemson are playing again, Sherwood's flowers has no time for you. The sixty three year old real estate agent is a hard Clemson fan sitting in her South Carolina home wearing Clemson colors an orange fit bit purple glasses with purple rhinestones ones flowers. Reads, her recent tweet to the complainers I said listening to some sports talk on the radio while taking care of some paperwork and only had one thing to say if you people are sick of Clemson, Alabama. Your team just as the bait out of no one can do that. And you just need to shut up period. In alabama. The message is the same. Don't like tonight's match up. Then beat us says Birmingham resident Bobby Wesson, but you can't just beat him on the field. You're going to have to beat Alabama in recruiting. You're gonna have to be got Obama in the white room. You're gonna have to beat Alabama and practice you're going to have to be. Okay. Okay. And judging by Alabama's and clemson's easy wins in the playoff semi-finals. No one can beat them especially Bama, the crimson tide or trying to win a sixth national title in ten years. And this team may be the best for all that dominance, Alabama. Hasn't had a dazzling game changing quarterback until now. Fires. Touchdown sophomore left-hander.

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