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Are urging fans to use metro rails park ride to get into and out of downtown nick right kebich newsradio 740 ktrh and i miss bug jimmy i said that the astros are facing the dodgers i should have said the dodgers are facing us i i should i'm going to have to remember that houston astros manager a j hinch denying a claim that he was involved in a heated altercation at the team hotel out there in la after their game one lost to the dodgers now they were citing unnamed sources the website tmz claiming that police had to be called hotel bar after hingis starting cursing at some trash talking dodger fans can use than picture that no hinch call the report ridiculous that even had to address it our news time seven thirty four the census bureau releasing some new numbers a little shocking revealing how many people here in america don't speak english at home in katyushas cassandras is live with and how many in texas according to this from the census bureau thirty five point six percent of us don't speak is language that is english at home that second in the country were also second in those speaking english quote less than very well at fourteen percent david ray with the federation of american him or gracious reform says the numbers could be off well it could be higher this is just based on a census bureau estimate consider that nationwide it's twenty two per se and he says there is a way to make sure this trend turns around moving to a merit based system for selecting legal immigrants that would put an emphasis on there ability to speak english and their level of education both are huge assets in the m assimilation process across the us almost twenty two percent speak a language at home other than english with another nine percent speaking at quote less than very well yeah and as he pointed out when talking to us about an hour ago um if you you how do you pursue the america in dream and make a success of it if you cannot play in the american ballfields sell this ballpark establishing.

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