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To help out. I would love to say the last night. We all our problems are coming from all these foreigners coming over here. Well, I mean, the the problem that we have is nobody's against legal immigration. That's never been a problem. But this deal. Here's you get all these people when you get thousands of thousands of people coming in here, you got no way of knowing who the hell these characters are especially when it looks like the crust of it ninety percent or ninety five percent from what I've seen looks like it's all these young guys. And you know, maybe eighteen to thirty years old. I mean, somebody must be spending some money how in the hell they all got fancier shoes than what I wear maybe. Nice. -at's Kobeissy close Nike. Adidas Reebok, upper armor, etc. Etc. I mean, hell fishy is going on with this pitcher. And how in the world the way. Trevon companies down in those areas and arose that goes. Right on top of it. Right there. Well, see the thing of it is is we don't know. What's real? And what's not real? Because there's no way in how they're walking fifteen hundred or two thousand miles. Nobody could do that for a period of time. I was talking with a couple of people that are pretty knowledgeable about this type of thing. But they're all hitching rides on something. Just somehow they're getting transported around but see when you got a corrupt mainstream media. They will not report the news to the American people. What's really going on? And how these guys are funded and getting all these charter buses and trucks and train rides etc. Etc. Well, that's that's my output on this on this conversation. Right. I said, I'm I'm not coming. I'm not fully supporting the president. But okay, I'm won't give him about. I won't give a twenty percent on my support. Okay. Well, I mean that's better than nothing. I think you're coming around because the more and more Donald Trump wins for the people the Morris to convert maybe guys like you. It's been a long time democrat they into actually supporting him and he wants to welcome everybody. And I can tell you one thing for a fact I've been to a lot of places a lot of rallies and stuff. There's a heck of a lot of old school Democrats. It's all becoming Trump supporters. He would have never got elected. If he didn't have a big population of that a lot of union, boys. Lot of women everybody getting on the Trump train because it's all about supporting the country. Question. Yeah. When Donald Charleston on last week, and he was speech. And he would you know, he was you know, he went on and all about an hour. He was drunk. No, he's never had a Biddle liquor. Now. He just that. You know, why you might say that the man's been running? I think on fumes with all these rally. He's been gone to a couple of the guys pointed out he hardly ever gets that much sleep. But now he sounded pretty dark hair and people were cheering him. It was one of the most raucous crowds. I think I've been to I've been to eight rallies. Gorilla. Certain TV shows writes the show, Donald Charlie speech. And when he's Gary guy. Daniel how that's at jackass Baldwin character that now that Najah who it is. Is that idiot Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel? He's dumber in a box of rocks. Nobody watches it anymore. Yeah. You gotta get your your your stuff from good comedians. They don't even have any more. Hey, I had my advice is go go watch reruns. Johnny carson. That's when I'll get comedy with Cali. I just want to say one nine to my to my buddy concerned my buddy the American Eagle. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I say, I'm not I'm not coming out. I'm not fully coming out and supporting this president. But I, but I do stand by his actions. Take care of this illegal matter, and I'll tell you my my time is just almost say this. A lot of people don't know that June twenty eighth was Elvis's last concert and Indianapolis at the old market square. Yeah. So that's what I said the other night. But I was still say these famous words on tombstone one day. Ladies and gentlemen. Dollars has left the building. Thank you J T with that will let JT fly off into the sunset JT has left the building. Let me get the devil. Doc, real quick here. Dell dot we'll get you started man, you're back. I got a couple of things first and foremost, the cloud from the answer is none other than America's least favorite crustacean across d- crap. Been listener Steve show for years up to five nights a week. And there is no Justin that causes show. Whether he's related to the crusty crab or not, I don't know. But he's full of crap. Now, I was taking some really good hallucinogenic mushrooms for coming to work tonight. Because I've been hearing voices all night long into Justin. None of Steve scholars call your show. So I guess I didn't hear you know, knuckle BUSTER big hitter. Shabby guy Chevy guy, or you know. Or you know, so armee baking guy that calls in from dangerous. Yes. I'm so high tonight. I thought I heard bone voice earlier. What about American Eagle you? Did forget the American great eagle there. Now. Let's go step further there and talk about the music. Yeah. To take away from you or Steve Q, greatest trucking shows of all time. Steve's dad Dale summer. Bozo. And Bill and Cindy mc- also which played music both the witch played old time comedy read, so vine, Jerry clower, Dave Dudley. CW McCaw James, Gregory, you know, those are all people sixties and seventies. I want Bortles seventy one. So wasn't for Dale and Bill back. I never heard any of that great music. Great comedy. You know when Dale went to act Sam and left the show and Steve took over Debbie Debbie pulled the music off because I didn't want pay the royalties anymore. So you had you know, drop it down tonight. Steve made his own with his own professional show more professional newsworthy. You bring in the comedy and the cut up and the have nots on the weekends. So yeah, I miss the Truckee music shows because we don't have that anymore. The closest thing we have is Dave, oh, he's more about making money than content anymore. So we have to the music in trucking show now as you. Well, you know, the thing that is is I get nothing but rave reviews from everybody out at least through social media. I mean, hell emails, and this that people say that we play the best music. We have the most fun on different shows. And like I say how I got all these top callers, they call up all the time. Get your calls up and. Grump, and you know, so the biggest names in trucking call up on the weekend too. But I mean, I understand when guys have the weekend off. I don't blame him for not listened to show or calling up. How when when you're off your spend time with your sweetie and do some other things, and you're not going to be worried about the radio show, but the phone lines. I don't think you're saying bay in the country takes more phone calls on the weekends. What I do. There you go. Now, I got two things first and foremost. You know, it's not often big ended. I agree on a lot of face because he kind leans the left a little bit. But obviously when he does agree with me, you should scribble it into stone. And when it comes 'immigration scribble it on the on the stone right below the tenth commandment because that's how right. I am on this now. Being able to say and you can't use the military on the southern border. No, pasta Kuma Tatas prevents US military active duty from being used as Warren force against US citizens or by large has agency. It doesn't prevent us from putting the military on the southern border to protect us from invaders George W Bush when he first put the military on the southern border. He put active-duty nineteen army scouts and put eleven Bravo. US infantry on the southern border because he could get them down there faster than anybody while he was pulling up the national guard could George W Bush should active-duty military down there when you have a handful of the Lambert grits crossing here there and everywhere, you know, what that's alarmed force the border patrol activity when you have upwards of ten thousand illegal immigrants marching towards your border is an invasion. Yeah. You're right. To say we can't use the military on the southern border to prevent any invasion by ten thousand illegal immigrants is like saying, hey, rushing tomorrow on the west coast the second they stepped foot on the beach. We can't use the military because they're on US soil. That's how insane that comment is now Chevy guys, right? Okay. We can't shoot him with live bullets like guess what? We put a half dozen machine guns down on that southern border full of blanks. And then we have cyber rivals or rubber bullets. And as soon as they start crawling over that fence, we have the snipers hit the first twelve with rubber bullets while those machine guns are firing blank and crowds. He's twelve people fall off that fancier machine guns. They're gonna turn around and high tail it back to bed. Wailer? Well, you you make pretty good point. I think you're kinda right right on the money. But we got to get a handle on this situation. Because here's the problem. How how do you know, the some of these guys don't have their own weapons stuck in their pocket with the gym bag? And how do we know that they don't have a bunch of dope. I mean, this feting all stuff if you just get the dust on on you could kill you in bringing their heroin opioids or feting, all or whatever the hell they bring in here hall and stuff. So that's a serious situation for anybody. So why the hell we put our people at risk when we don't know who these people are what they got how they could have a damn bomb. I mean, look at those Muslim guys at blew up the Boston marathon. The whole thing is you're coming here for the freebies and the handouts. They've already said they're gonna cross in California. Because Jerry moonbeam Brown has said he will not authorize the use the California national guard, and he will now allow the national guard from any other state in the gal that means we have to use accurate duty military. It's the only option, but the other thing is we get a governor from California was on TV the other day, and he was touring community center that is funded by the state of California in their whole purpose is to provide services. Do we legal alia sign up for benefits EVT's cards public house? Childcare get their kids enrolled in school in California wants to go ahead and get benefits all these people buying for every child, but isn't rolled as an eagle alien California schools. They should lose that portion of their federal funding for public schools. They should lose their one hundred percent of their money in a one hundred percent. Of their public housing money. You're gonna give your money to the illegal aliens. It's not gonna come from the other state funding yourself. Okay. Hey, hey devil. Doc. I gotta cut from there. Because we got a little short break. We take right day to let's hit it right here eighteen so I thought that all Medicaid insurance companies where the same Medicaid is Medicaid. Right. But then I heard that more people in Ohio choose care source for making than all the other companies combined..

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