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A red zone passed in that transition into the game. as he caught two huge touchdown. So that confidence going to continue to go there and if he can continue to get those comparisons to heath miller. Ben rothlisberger is giving him right now man. He's a set for good career because man everybody around her steel loves heath to this day. But when you now look at what ninety hairs brings to the table. This is a guy that everybody saw what he did alabama but when you see him practice you see him in game. The palace always falling four. He's not missing many holes and he's always gaining yard or so from that perspective. The offense alon. They are confident because they really feel like. Hey we open up the holes. He's able to do that. And one added element is the fact that he can catch. The ball added the backfield. He's a three dollars back. You can pick up a plaid past a past protections and then ultimately league out of the backfield in a manner that you saw it at forty six yard run that he caught a fab yards and was able to run an additional thirty nine for that so as he's really really good to see we're not he harasses at at this point. Where did the steelers fit in the afc. North in your opinion. Because i look at cleveland. And i think they have a superbowl caliber roster. You can make a case of the best offensive line football baltimore with lamar jackson. And they really did a lot of work. Through the draft to kind of rebuild that defense and and also give lamar a couple of weapons. This off season but pitchers really fascinating. We've talked about the fact that robbie this could be a make or break year for him. We talked about some of the new additions. But how did the steelers that stack up in that division because it didn't end well last year. But there's so much talent on that ross absolutely and i agree with that and this is something that when i look at where the steelers are at. Its two maybe three must-have baltimore's in in steelers Grocers are pretty much the same when you just look at the manor steelers lost last year. You have to put cleveland in front of him so in from when you look at that steeler maybe second or third but again this is why you play games at this point in right now cleveland as a little unsure of themselves because they never been at the start of the season where everybody's talking about their the top dog so it's gonna be interesting to see how they unfolded..

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