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The headline Big Pharma achieves total legal immunity for corona. Virus Vaccines. Even. As vaccine injections will be forced into billions of people potentially killing tens of millions. Okay. Let's get right into the article here. We now have arrived. At the ultimate money-making scam for Big Pharma. A corrupt criminal industry that's going going to great lengths to pressure big tech to censor all speech that doesn't earned more prophets. Now, vaccine manufacturers like Astra Zeneca are openly bragging about how they've achieved absolute legal immunity from all sides caused from the corona vaccines even as Doctor Evil Faouzi. And other ponds. The Vaccine Industry are pushing mandatory vaccine injections for billion billions of people. All right. You have no right to say no in other words, but you also have no right to sue. If. The product turns out to be faulty and causes injury or harm. This is now the status quo for the lawlessness anti-human vaccine industry, and it's all corrupt collaborators such as big tech big media medical schools complicit medical journals, Astra Zeneca. has been granted protection for future product liability claims related to its covid nineteen vaccine. Hopefully, most of the countries for which it struck supply agreements The United States already has a law to exclude a tort. AH tort being like a waiver folks a tort tort claims from products that help control public health crises in the form of two thousand, five public readiness and emergency preparedness or prep. act. So that was a law that was back in two thousand, five folks they passed that law just basically. So big pharmaceutical companies could pump out a drug pump out of vaccine and Lo and behold they could do anything and everything they wanted to do. But a course nobody's GonNa take the liability for that. You know once you know these these scumbag PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES THEY they won't take any any responsibility whatsoever and the. You can thank the US government and Congress for that folks she can absolutely thank him. So if your child or if your spouse or somebody gets shot or is forced this vaccine and let's say. The antibodies in the shot don't agree with your particular body chemistry. Okay. Everybody has a unique DNA. I explained that on a on a podcast here a few days ago your DNA is like if you will like an operating system to..

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