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And in doing so it helps them relax it helps them engaged those frontal parts of their brain that are healthy in decisionmaking and planning it helps them down regulate that amid the law or the alarm center in their brain and kids as young as five and six can be taught simple frameworks of mindfulness with breathing there's really cool things like hot chocolate breathing where you have kids get some hot chocolate and they first smell it through their nose and then they blow it on it will it down a few times and then they do that threetimes just enjoying the feelings and they take a little step and that's one of the ways of introducing kids to mindfulness at an early age that is really enjoyable so they're probably some parents out there that may be doing with their kids are ready they just don't know that they're doing it and they don't know how they can utilize that even more to calm their kids and also deger sort of bring some order to their world and to decrease says stimulation that's triggering a lot of anxiety i know that you've treated anxiety for many years and i'm sure that there's somebody listening today whose thinking well okay that's great but you just don't understand my child's out of control and mayang size out of control and a lot of times anxiety says to you is hopeless what would you say to that person i would say both all of the research and all of my clinical experience disagrees with them i am so hopeful that when kids and families get the treatment that they need that in the longrun the majority of kids do fantastic it's just amazing to me the progression and i've had the pleasure to work with kids in one place over 25 years soy really had a chance to see that and i would tell parents who themselves have anxiety or have kids who have anxiety that it absolutely.

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