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Mayor Kenny says he chose her for another task as well and commend she has the conviction courage and compassion needed to bring long overdue reform to our department the department has been rocked by accusations of racism and gender discrimination so it's significant that outlaw is the first African American woman to lead the department something she says she doesn't take lightly I understand what I represent I understand who opened the doors for me and I understand that it's also my obligation to hold the doors open behind me to make sure that we're not in twenty twenty still talking about first at city hall Pat lobe Q. I. W. news radio a Senate leader says for trial Fishel's Festivali in any Senate trial is a game changer because of what they say on withheld aid to Ukraine that's coming up after traffic and weather buy one get one free visit with our nation dot com I think you see very quiet out there right now the major roadways earlier incidents have cleared and we're looking good on the vine expressway this Google expressway and ninety five the PHR packs in really good shape as I take a look at the jam cams between Bensalem and of Valley Forge blue for seventy six no plot problems to report city Avenue at ballot have you've got a crash they are being cleaned up all our bridges are okay in earlier bridge opening on Tony Palmer bridge is long gone at this time in upper Pittsgrove New Jersey route seventy seven closed in both directions north of britian road that's the one accident and downed wires you want to avoid that area that's probably gonna be out there for quite some time in a mess continues down in Delaware it's four ninety five is south closed at ninety five is to a series acting you are backed up one that southbound side room thirteen also jammed on the southbound side just south of it to seventy three that is due to another crash next update in less than ten minutes chi re Moses in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic.

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