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Division. We're in the playoffs this year, and two of them are in the Stanley Cup final. And how daunting a task that nature challenge and justify could Kevin briefly, uh John Vogel asked about the communication and to be honest with you, that wasn't really answered. You said. It's critical to have that communication. Are you communicating with Jack Eichel would simply be my question. Hey, Mike, I'll answer that one as quick as I can. For that you asked me and the challenge ahead. Uh, you have to thrive on challenge. I mean, if you're going to win and be successful at the highest level you you have to love challenge. And I will. I will reiterate this. It's really important for us. There's a lot of petty stuff that happens, uh, in an emotional stuff that happens and you want a response and those things. Organizations, coaches can get stuck. Manage and petty things and anchor down. There's certain things you have to just move past. And focus on and not be bogged down and I'm talking about your question. With US challenge in our division Two teams are in the Stanley Cup finals are in our Division and Tampa in Montreal. If when we are successful when we're going to be successful, we are going to improve our players and our team. We're going to develop to the point where we can win consistently will hit a tipping point if we just stay focused. And getting better. It's inevitable if we get tugged and pulled aside and distracted and things that don't continually make us better. It's going to be a lot harder to find that tip to get to that tipping point, so we will stay the course. The course is improvement getting better, and I've done it. I've seen it with teams. I've been party with championship teams. You know, there's a lot that will fall into place with that mentality and that objective and that will fall in place. I'm confident that and we have we have so much room for growth that is powerful. When you look at what we have And what we have coming what we have in our system already, whether it's in Rochester or elsewhere in the former draft picks, and certainly the players that we saw and young guys that were empowered and took advantage of it last season, so that challenge is really, really exciting to me. I know we can do it. Yeah, And my certainly wasn't avoiding the question. I think my point was that communication with all our players is critical and an extension of whether it's players. Sometimes it's a player. Sometimes it's the agent just that's just part of our day to day. So, um, of course. Yeah. Talked talking to to all of our players. And I think, uh, you know, I don't remember the exact time of day I think yesterday I spent Long time on the phone with with Jax agents. You don't had a great conversation, so I, you know, that's just part of what we do. Yeah. Good morning, gentlemen. Mookie Hawkins World for sports Today he has it gone. I'm okay. I have a two questions one for both. I will start with you, Coach and congratulations. First and foremost. Um, just what are some of the phases that you stand by on making this team a contender? I'm sorry I missed the first You said before making it a contender. What was the word you use? When are what are some of the phases that you stand by or making this team a contender? What we've The things that come to mind we've already initiated again. You know the pride and passion for your teammates for your team, that competitive ness of your group. The clarity week we were able to make adjustments in between periods. We had back to back games against the same opponent, which was great advantage for me as a coach, because I could put things in front of the players and see the speed. Their ability to make an adjustment and it got faster and faster, which is a real indicator of progress and skill overall, so to me that there were lots of signs of real strong. Potential, Um Or strong signs of of the actual potential. That's there. It's just moving them continually move them in the direction In many areas we saw through the better parts of last season, the big One is finding a way to win. You know, I always talk about Don't wait to win and you think about the teams in the Stanley Cup finals? Uh, there's one surprise team in there. I would imagine to a lot of people and for for us, we can't wait to win every single night. You lace up your skates. There's a way to win that hockey game. And there's a way to find that and I think our players I know our players, uh, started to see that and and see the parts of the game that are within their control, and I know when they were able to evaluate the game, which is a big process of development, the ability to evaluate the game. At the level of the players. They they were able to evaluate the game right after and and feel that the game was determined or not determined with things they had in their control, and they either control them or they didn't but they had that they had the ability to do it. That's where you saw our players play with more confidence and conviction. Uh and and that's a so again. That's a those are components that are already in place that we'll keep building on and our players grasp and have a real great. There's a coach. You want to bring clarity to the vision. You want those guys. Those guys have a real good clarity right now. Absolutely appreciate that Coach and GM if I may, uh, actual one as well. Um, what are your thoughts on? You know, the big the big defenseman? You know, man, can he be the Josh Allen of this year's draft? Mhm. Yeah, it's uh, It's a good question in terms of the draft, and we had great meetings a couple weeks ago. Now it's actually it was nice. Many of our staff was in town and actually in person meetings, and few of our European scouts were on Zune. But, uh, spent a lot of time going through all the players, um, top end towards later in the draft, and what's exciting is there's Issue at the top of the draft. There's there's There's a lot of players that, um, we feel good about and we're continuing to kind of work through that have more meetings coming up, But I said this a couple weeks ago, I think when we won the lottery, I love the draft process. It's and it's interesting to me it's it's a lot of fun to really try to project and evaluate where these they're young. They're 18 year olds or most of them and you know where they'll be within their 23 24 because that's a It's not an easy job to do, but it's uh it's exciting and it's going to be here quick. The days are moving fast right now. Mhm. Yes, sir. Bill, we still don't have your soul move and, uh, to be here. What? Good morning, Kevin. Morning, Uh, running down. Congratulations. Once again, Pete Gallivan from Channel to, uh, just one. I mean, I know a lot of the strings. We're going to be. Hold my Kevin, obviously, but done when you look at the possible trades that have been discussed, um, and the potential draft currency, you're looking at the number one overall. To get to that. You know, Ed result. Turn this team around. What pieces? Do you think you're lacking right now in turning this team into a winning team and potential playoff team. Well, thanks, Pete. Uh, there's a lot of pieces I believe strongly in that are entering the organization. You mentioned some of the, uh Anders Bjork is an example. Just enter the organization. Um, you know, we have Jack Quinn, who's who's at some point going to be entering the organization. Upl is really entering the organization, you know? And JJ Piturca just sign. So you know it. You factor in what we have. Maybe if you look at areas that we want to target and improve, and then you factor in, you know Matea Samuelson maturing and coming into the league. There's so many exciting things in pieces that will fill and become more capable at filling areas that you will you would see on a real winning roster. Real successful rosters so And then you mentioned any potential trades we could have, um you know it to me. Anything and everything is exciting because of where we're at. We we have. We have a lot of, uh, potential in the form of talent..

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