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Road carpet one of acting let's check those roadways with fiscal he will start west of town traffic on the master pike hangs up shortly after 495 all the way to route thirty than running room after that and you're in it before route 28 that keeps you busy almost all the way out to newton corner route two still jammed up getting into the car could rotary and it stays that way all the way toward the bedford road really not much running room they would all westbound or two adds heavily tied up approaching route 28 then you're jammed up again from route sixty making your way down toward el wife so expect a long ride their south the timer 24 there's a crash between route one forty and forty four just been moved off to the right but a bible backed up traffic approaching that it then 24 is hung up again at one thirty nine to one twenty pockets of every traffic on ninety five between 295 and one 28 it's not solid all the way but it certainly have scott the expressway with christian back of the mapra insurance report across you're out of luck as soon as you get on the expressway northbound from there is just crawling in three smelt gets a little better rafter deposit but not much you're really don't break out of the delays of lire past columbia road crested after the offer a insurance rotor port authority jammed on route 3 from route forty all the way down to tropical road 93 slow from a third one in pockets to 125 495 very heavily tied up on the double decker bridge to 93 route 28 slow from linfield all the way down to burlington and you dealing with long delays along route one as well as everything downtown next update at seven forty three wbz's sleep fiscally history us eighteen.

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