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It was called the reactive squad. Reacts the crimes that have occurred. and. That's everything from bank robberies, fugitives, kidnappings, extortions I actually thought I. Hit the lottery. This is just like it is in the brochure I thought. This is really obviously i. have arrived where you still in all of the FBI. Absolutely, honestly I am still off the FBI. We're still intimidated, yes. Now. All of a sudden I, did pretty well in class, and my new agents class the Bung all these super stars I did I held my own, but now all of a sudden I'm a real field office with real FBI agents that have been doing this some of them a long time. And they're good at it. Now every new FBI agent gets a training agent. Who Was Yours? My trainee agent was a man by the name of Raja rates. He reminded me of Buford pusher and the movies walking tall other people say they remind him of John Wayne, but this is a guy who he referred to himself as the Sheriff at that tells you anything. He took this job really seriously. He loved the FBI, but he took the job of being a training agent very seriously. which by the way you don't get extra money for it's an ancillary duty it's it's something that's assigned you in addition to your caseload, and you're usually volunteered for it. You don't volunteer. He was assigned as my training Asian, and he had trained many others before me and after me. You told me he was a great mentor. He was why. He was a great mentor. Because first of all, he actually wanted to be a training Asian he cared. That I learned he cared that I became good at my job. He wanted me to be a good FBI agent and he wanted me to reflect well on the organization that he loved. And so as a result he took the time and the attention to do everything from creating my paperwork a lot i. don't know how many red pins he went through, but he corrected my paperwork and let's be clear. There's a lot of paperwork in the FBI tons of paperwork FBI. It is definitely paperwork heavy. He introduced me to. He introduced me to people inside the office outside the office. He taught me the basics even though I just gone to new agents class. It's not the same thing as actually conducting interviews when you're out in the real world and people react in ways. They're totally unpredictable to the way you think they may react and.

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