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Visit maple wood senior living dot com W. A. B. C. traffic and transit and from the twelve radius seventy seven WABC traffic center on town Rogers troublesome road on the George Washington bridge now of the open upper level we have a crash closing the two center lanes very slow coming across the Alexander Hamilton bridge at least a fifteen minute delay and then in the end on the upper deck two right lanes closed for construction over to the Lincoln tunnel the inbound sounds to be shut down of Holland tunnel we have one inbound lane closed for overnight construction alternate side parking rules will be back in effect for your Friday as we check the run on the FDR northbound from the twenties and the thirties construction work in the right lane of this country Queensborough bridge Weidling construction on the upper deck into Manhattan though as you travel on the van with expressway watch for delays southbound jul Avenue down to the Jackie Robinson parkway with construction knocking out two lanes on the belt parkway east founders ten street we have construction the left lane is closed and then traveling about in order to Jersey watch for delays has to travel on two eighty seven northbound exit fifty seven fifty nine in Oakland construction blocking at least one lane until Rogers on talk radio seventy seven W. ABC world world bachelor seventy seven W. ABC I'm John this is the John Batchelor show in February nineteen twelve a gambler on the side Herman beans Rosenthal opens a gambling house at one OO for west forty fifth street it's very popular being see however falls a file of some of his colleagues full so much a file that one day after giving some information to the law that was definitely not in a good motor for the gang that I've been see hang hang out with hung out with beach he went to the metropolitan tell at two west forty third street and was cold outside and shot down a bunch of men showed up in a car a Packard and shot him down this murder is a.

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