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Business leaders are suspending ties with Saudi Arabia this after this after Turkey says it has audio and video evidence that Jamal Khashoggi was indeed killed inside that consulate that Saudi Arabia consulate inside of Turkey. Global business leaders reassessing their ties with Saudi Arabia. British billionaire Richard Branson today suspended business links with Saudi Arabia? Uber CEO DARA. He said he might not attend a major investment conference in the country. This month amid reports that Khashoggi may have been killed in the Saudi consulate Saudi Arabia denying the allegations. Georgia's department of agriculture is coordinating efforts to assist recovery, south west and central Georgia areas. Most affected by hurricane. Michael governor Nathan deal and agricultural Commissioner. Gary black said, the immediate focus is on cleanup and repair right now, the main focus is going to be on debris removal, so that power line trucks and repair crews in access the areas that are without power in that regard. We're told her about four hundred and fifty thousand power outages that had been reported statewide and the primary focus at this point is on damage assessment and getting crews to restore that power as quickly as possible. There are more than fifty three poultry houses that were completely destroyed.

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