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Can play to tell ya says McSorley isn't a quarterback at the next level but could turn into a fine slot receiver. LSU baseball is set to play Florida tonight in game one of three at the box weather permitting, Kristian garic, WWL sports today at four on sports talk with Bob Aaron Christian. We'll dive deep into the NFC south and take a look at the schedules for all three of the saints division rivals and twenty four hours after the Saint scheduled reveal what do you think of the black and gold biggest challenges in two thousand nineteen lost? The LSU baseball game has been pushed back because of the weather seven thirty pregame. The first pitch coming at eight PM right here on WWL, weather and traffic next. Wwl news time. Three. Oh, six. Tweet sale is on bring your appetite for savings and shop this Thursday through Saturday, unwrap your free JC Penney chocolate bar to reveal an extra thirty forty or fifty percents off coupon that come in early coupons are limited law. You're here checkup other sweet deals like twenty five percents off select mint's Nike apparel. If you to save come to the penny. Sweet sale offers valid for eighteen to twenty giveaway available in stores only while supplies last must be eighteen years or older Nike and other exclusions apply. See store for details. Imagining a better Bank starts with looking at the savings rates. Most banks offer and saying really Capital One is building something better. You can open a Capital One savings account with one of the nation's best savings rates from anywhere lake here or here or here. One of the nation's best savings rates opened online at a capitol one location or from anywhere. That's banking reimagined. What's in your wallet? For consumers only offered by capitol NA member, FDIC copyright, twenty thousand Capital One double. WBZ news time three oh seven. Now. The forecast of your local weather expert WWL TV meteorologist, Chris Franklin storms moving through this afternoon and evening. We'll finally be wrapping up by later tonight and turning cooler overnight with lows dropping into the fifties. And windy wins out of the western at ten to twenty miles an hour. Those winds will stay up during the day on Friday under mostly cloudy skies. We'll see a few pieces of sunshine, but also about a thirty percent chance for maybe a lingering shower or two in the afternoon as we get a little bit of wrap around moisture in cloud cover, but a cooler day on Friday with highs only in the upper sixties, low humid air in very pleasant conditions, although some chilly mornings for Saturday in Easter Sunday forties and fifties with highs in the sixties muggings begin to return by the middle of next week. From your weather expert forecast center, I'm wwl TV meteorologist, Chris Franklin. Thank you, Chris overcast and seventy seven at the airport at Kenner, we do have a thunderstorm now and seventy four in Slidell, light rain in parts of Slidell. Also, Japan's oh w. Wwl. First news. WWL traffic from the wwl rejuvenating medical traffic center. Josh Modell, all your river crossings wide open leaving downtown out to New Orleans east the slow from the I ten six merge getting over the high-rise for travelling.

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