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Taxpayer assistance service. I'm. Ann cates. Joe Biden's been cleared. Now has I think? And the women are I think you're going to prison. I think special counsel has been set up to prosecute the women that have come forward to suggest that Joe Biden was anything other than a von killer. With a little bit of saliva thrown in. Affectionate political style. Washington Post says. Women so far. Dick Durbin said yesterday, one accusation doesn't really disqualify about two. Now, dick. Dickey the turban. I noticed that term spreading a little too. Which is good. Yeah. So the Democrats. That's amazing audio isn't it opening the Lacey pe-, we the people event with all the democrat politicians and the presidential candidates open it with the the the insane rant from saadah. Shocker cop killer, fugitive FBI's, most wanted number one on the most wanted list. That's how they opened the democrat party event. Now, it's a death cult. It's it's it's amazing to see. And then they closed with Hugo Chavez. As me. Hugo Chavez big. Closes meeting. Meeting. Really? That's how Cesar Chavez, Cesar Chavez. Okay. We're going to boycott grapes again. Okay. All right. Cesar Chavez, not Hugo Chavez, nobody even knows Cesar Chavez anymore. Who can what kind of lunatic introduces anything having to do with Cesar Chavez, honestly, what is the matter with these people? And they do this weird clap because they're a cult raise your hands over your head. Now, follow my class. Honestly. It's Monty python. You must be individuals. Yes. All right. Let's go to let's go to the telephone. So let's take a five not taken a phone call in a while in a while. Now, let's go to let's go to Lisa calling from from Nokes Vilbert genu- Alicia, you're on the Chris Plante show. Hey, chris. I am to be talking to you. I'm a huge fan. Heartbreak cited to have you on the show. My question for you. I have a college professor actually several who told me in my class before basically that at some point the party, which place meaning that the same party, the Republican party that frees a slave actually is the Democratic Party today. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's pretty good trick. And my question is how can they say this? And what can I say to somebody who is trying to tell me that this is a fact, well, you know, you probably have to do a little bit of reading on it. The reality is a nineteen sixty eight they claim the southern strategy of Richard Nixon allowed or or created a situation where the Republican party took in all of the southern racists that until that point had been voting for Democrats. But then they say the Democrats gave up racism, which is clearly untrue. Even today in the New York Times and laced over the weekend on the New York Times and on college campuses with segregation. It's the left advancing segregation racial segregation today. The southern strategy is something that you can read up on. But I'll tell you what Eliza because I've read up on this myself if you if you search for being or or Google the myth of the. Southern strategy the myth of the southern strategy. You'll find story after story and Victoria told me that you that you wanted to bring this up that you're a college student, and that your professors are feeding you the democrat party propaganda line. Which is there was some kind of a country. Swing dance Doshi DOE and one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and they shed all of their racist history, which is completely absurd. And the Republicans took racism somehow, which is kind of amazing now Senator Strom Thurmond, for example, had been a lifelong democrat a Dixie crat racist. Segregationist gave up all that stuff. And later in life became a Republican Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia created the cake had democrat created the KKK in West Virginia state of democrat all his life. He was eulogized by Barack Obama, quite ironically..

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