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Interview granado that. Got out there. If you talk at that got out there you go on deck out the interview. Joe sacco that cut out I think the one name the interview that we didn't hear was taxed and you know when the new starting to get out. I was ninety. Nine percents was axed old. But you always have that slight doubt and doubt nagged at me and i i was just really careful and you know is a big surprise. That caught a lot of people by surprise. And you know the the the reason is know. I just don't think that hackers stole was was hired a lot of lists. And that doesn't mean that ron francis wrong. Aquino's him they were together. The two thousand nine hundred worlds. It doesn't mean that. Ron francis wrong or seattle is wrong. I just think that on a lot of lists on them. As he was on ron francis and you know i should have said this earlier. I do want to say this now. I'm very curious to hear what is right. Is going to do for luke richardson lucrative. When that icing against montreal it shouldn't have been an icing and overtime boroughs is freaking out and richardson is calm. And he has been calm on that bench. And you know it's gonna be really interesting to see you know. I think to sharm it. Obviously he's coming back. But what is this going to mean for richardson. You know his is he. Start to rise to the top of lists. He's been a guy who's really been passed over kind of forgotten man in some ways. It hostile from toronto now hacksaw. It gets this huge opportunity. And i'm curious to see what this is going to mean for. Richardson he's a team. Cheer for people. And he's topping list for the For the montreal. Canadians i i cannot be more happy for that guy and if it listen if it leads To greater bigger things for him than a man because that guy and that family very much deserves it. When you look at dave hacksaw with the seattle cracking and you think about the higher from ron francis is point of view. Ron francis is a very quiet and thoughtful person. Do we say the same thing about dave hawks. Oh yeah so. Basically if the two finalists were dave hextall and rick talk which. I think they were there to could you get to more diametrically opposed. People talk it is emotion. He played on a motion. He pushes people. He you know the one thing. I don't like there's a narrative talk that he's anti analytics or dozen is interested in athletics arizona. Try to lot of different things and the people who work there told me he was incredibly open minded about them. You know he listened. He was happy to take everything into account so. I don't think that's fair narrative. You know i like obviously there's to coaching opportunities left going back to arizona. I mean we'll see if there's any interest on on buffalo's part talk it. Is you know he's got a lot of people who really liked him in the league. We'll see where this goes. Hack still is more cerebral. He's a thinker. He's you know when when i ask people today. What was the best thing about tax dol- in philadelphia. They said the best thing he.

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