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Thing last week about trying to sort of dampened things down not today he's come out and their main threats and warnings although it the most ominous sounding comment was along the lines of that these radical protesters should not underestimate the resolve of the central governments to end this knoll the overwhelming power that it can bring to that great does sound like a straw and it's opened a little this gets too far out of control we will come in and and this in the very top why markets across Asia have regained some ground off to show full says investors are worried about a serious escalation in trade tensions between the United States and China share prices fell in Hong Kong on Tuesday with the hang Seng index dropping one percent Japan's main Nikkei index slid nearly three percent before coming back the Indian home minister Ahmed Shah is placing before the lower house of parliament is resolution abrogating the special status of Jammu and Kashmir state following the announcements made on Monday from Delhi his role Taunton one way dominating all conversations here in the Chinese jobs in that exercise and that is because many of the Indian homes that minister Ahmed Shah is that up in the lower house of parliament to outline once again why this country's government has taken what they say is a historic step to change the dynamics of the cuts made dispute world news from the BBC president trump has ordered a freeze on all Venezuelan government assets in the United States and is built all transactions with its authorities the executive orders sites socialist president Nicolas Maduro is continued usurpation of power and human rights abuses as the reason for the freeze which goes far beyond recently imposed sanctions the former warring parties in medicine because set to sign a peace treaty today nearly three decades after the civil war and date president Felipe in you see and sue for my monitor the leader of the former rebel group phenomena recent agreement on Thursday to formalize the peace the treaty will come two months before my eyes and be codes presidential and parliamentary elections which the governing fully my policy is expected to dominate police in London have charged a teenager with attempted murder after six oh boy he was allegedly thrown from the tenth floor of the Tate modern art gallery a seventeen year olds will appear in court later today police have confirmed that the victim is a French national Scottish scientists have devised an artificial tongue using nano technology to help detect fake whiskey they say the sensitive devices in almost a hundred percent success rate to telling the difference between whiskies of different ages and the compounds in them Scotland's multi billion dollar whiskey trade to treize counterfeiters trying to pump fake says real drums the scientists say the tongue could have other applications like food quality control one of the researchers Dr Alister Clark of brown's gonna university's school of engineering explains how the artificial tongue works or not to take any specific thing that's enough it quickly is an interview whiskey what we can do is we can introduce it the real McCoy and then when we introduced the fixed offer me testings against out real sample we'll be able to stay on with that that doesn't taste the same that's not the same thing BBC news people big things was fixing the world hello this is people fixing.

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