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I write the great social experiment is here these things happen when I go on vacation, which is like news is just pop off in the news that popped off in this case. Cam Newton Bill Belichick found another box special. Dot Cam Newton for the low low. gave the numbers where they show like how much less money Cam Newton and Jason are making like basically the lowest pay backup quarterbacks in the league that are already deals. Yeah, yeah, wow, it, okay and wild up in a tricky situation because it was all the uncertainty around his injury, AH, get why he was in the position that he was in though is still crazy that he had to sign a deal. That was so cheap, but now Cam Newton is going to Boston. And did you see when cameras on the I? G where he say he's tired of being humble. What a giant man! Right like like like you see that due to the weight room, it'd be like all right. That's the quarterback. No way no way just a giant man so anyway he gets the. He didn't get anything wrong this time. Thank goodness right, but he gets to do KF stuff. He's like you know in the jugglers. The Hyenas I don't know why he went first hyenas I. Don't think about when I think about the juggle their. As it was the hyenas, he said that antelopes I don't know how you got the. Withdrawal to animals, but he laid a one line and he's. Go Raw. He was in full Atlanta country mode like he was in. All of right gave what was, Campbell. Yeah, humble is not the word I. just describe Kim new no shade, but not the word. Win was that. Do you remember? That day was horrible. I must have been on vacation again. He says that he's yeah. Yeah, all that stuff. Yeah, Cam Newton. He Autobahn. I cannot wait to see this social experiment that is going to be Cam Newton. Play it for the New England Patriots. I sure hope he's good. The radio like game in Boston is already started on this talking about the Patriot Way and Cam Newton, celebrating and whether or not bill checks going to tolerate it. Yo, here's my question about that because I. did see that okay, so let's say that there is this Patriot way right, and let's say the Patriot way means no celebrates is actually not really what it means, but okay. Okay Fahmi Rob Gronkowski look like he's still had a hell of a good time. You know doing what he did right? Tom Brady looked like he found a way to get his celebrate on when the time came all right, so let's just say that it's this patriot. Way and that you're not allowed to. You know celebrating. Kick it like cameras and everything else. Why would you? Be We cam, and now we're bill, Belichick, right like why are you not on the radio? Say Come Bill. Let this man have fun right because if he has fun. We are going to have fun. Why why why would you? Why would that not be your approach as opposed to oh? He's not doing it the way we do it up here. y'All like that like I understand that you like the winning, but I don't believe that there is any correlation at all between the winning the celebrating I. Don't think there's any correlation between losing to celebrate I don't think there's any correlation at all with. That is just something to do. Why are here rooting for boring? I don't I don't see. That would be the way that you would ever WanNa. GET DOWN! Why do you WanNa root for boring? You should be rooting for the fun in this book boy. You are going to have the fun, Cam Newton if he plays well I would just really like if he played well, I don't want to live in a world of sports coverage where he does not play will like I. Don't have any real personal investment in. How will CAM plays? I do have a personal investment and not having to deal with income in twitter class at twenty twenty, getting new accounts up and bomb boarding me because km now playing well I. Don't I don't I don't really need that in my life gave I'm not really. In No, no, no, no, no I. Don't i. don't want those things. The other thing I want to know to man have y'all really forgotten. How Good Cam Newton was! or or did you never realize how good we was and I? Bring this up. Because yesterday I got into this thing about Matt Ryan and I don't think Matt. Ryan's a hall of Famer. I am blown away by the idea like how fans. Nobody thinks that Matt. Ryan is a hall of Famer, but vagus fans ain't never had in their lives. Therefore, they see a guy like that and they want to jump all over hall of fame. Hall, of Fame, only because y'all know no better. That's fine. I'm trying to think how many like died. died in the wool. Atlanta Falcons have made the hall of fame. Claude Humphrey is the only one that I can think of like Dion Sanders not a dyed in the wool. Atlanta Falcon you understand what I'm saying like I. Don't know who else we got Jessie. Tuggle didn't make the Fan Keith. Brooklyn and go make the hall of fame. I can't go make the hall of fame. Julio might at some point. In fact, that should tell you how hard it is to get into the hall of fame and this they lose sight of okay. Julio Jones. Might make the hall of fame. But he's idiots are positive. Matt Ryan's go make. A, but anyway I made the point about Matt Ryan that for the majority of Matt Ryan's career he has been the third best quarterback in his own division, and that's not really shade to him as much as it is. The NFC south has had great quarterback play. For the last decade. Cam Newton's better quarterback. Matt Ryan and so what people do is they hit me back with all these stats right like Oh Matt Ryan average forty six hundred yards, passing by the way Oh numbers that I think are useless like you'll find that when I started talking about football players in my cases hall of fame. The you're not going to see me go to a statistical case unless there's something very very very particular, but Matt Ryan but the one about six on at times a year since he walked into the League right He's been super pass happy offenses since he got in. In there and in two thousand sixteen, the MVP, he was very good, but have you ever thought Matt Ryan as being one of the best quarterbacks in the League? Because if you're not a guy that we immediately think of is one of the five best at quarterback, the you're not in the discussion for the hall of fame. You probably need to be up there on like two three level like it just so happened that we had an embarrassment of quarterback riches with Brady. Breeze Rothlisburger, manning like Aaron Rodgers like all those guys being really good at the same time. That's wild uncommon. y'All talking to me about Matt Ryan, being in the hall of fame, he's just not. He's just not is okay, but he's just not in the hall of fame. Cam Newton was a absolute force right now. We don't know if he's still going to be a force. Do walked into league through for four thousand yards is virtually are like if you WanNa talk about that. That's walking in really not knowing what he was doing like I. Know What the Panthers retelling. Cam is rookie year. If it's man throw to the receivers of its own or the titans. Else, basically what they were telling him to get out there? Get out there and get it done. Cam Is the number one and we're GONNA. See how this holds up now that he's coming back without question, the best third and short option that there has ever been in the NFL without question the best. They're insured option. There's every bit. Did you realize this? Do you know how many thousand yard rushers Cam Newton played with the panthers game to Christian McCaffrey, just Christian. McCaffrey de Ngelo, Williams and Jonathan Stewart never had thousand yards, not Tolbert, either not play with never had a thousand yards, never did all his was different about cam versus every other quarterback that I can think of and this includes Michael, Vick, and Randall Cunningham and all these guys..

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