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Familiar. It's very unsettling yeah yeah so anyway. there's not a lot out there about glenn stanton here. You got a new. I got on youtube to see if there is anything about him on youtube. And there's all these glenn stanton's on youtube and none of them. Are this dude in fact a couple of like elderly preachers saying i. Actually google glenn stanton actually had to google. Glenn stanton actor. Yeah so but unfortunately frost was not long for this world but man. He howls like a trooper. I did at least not like angela hangs commentary that he knew he was going to be tortured and he just kind of leaned into it. Yeah yeah the resolve. The he had when darryl was looking at him. And he's like you just gonna stand there looking at me and a whole i won't swear how transfer even though it's our podcast. I was going to say it's our podcast where we wanna fuck. Fuck fuck back. I did manage to. It was just voting for the billing quoting megan haha. Okay fine you just gonna stand there staring at me asshole. Frost frost was was kind of the hero of this episode. For maybe not outing. Daryl will see. I don't think he outed daryl. Although i well maybe he did because the whole powerpoint putting his arm around the other and walking away at the end. Yeah exactly so. We will talk about that. I hate the reapers. I hate hope. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them can all right. I got that on my system briefly. I'm sure it's gonna come back okay. Whisperers corner so whispers corner was pretty boring I do have some news about sydney park. You probably remember her from oceanside got a role on a showtime series called coercion which is about sex trafficking. And there is supposed to be a premier. Coming up and lena notre dame apparently she plays someone who rebuilds her life after she gets out of sex trafficking situation. Wow yeah so. I hope for her that she has good success with the series. Me metoo that. That is a very difficult subject matter aright. next thing we've already said not podcasting world beyond. But i thought i would share this the world beyond explorers jada sa's journey over the past six years in this season and i will tell you that pollyanna mcintosh has an even worse haircut than that. She had walking dead. You know bless her for committing to the character. True that that haircut in the promos is just like. I didn't think it could be worse. Look was that movie that you had me watched. That had like the ravens in it. I don't even remember what it was called. Oh yeah i don't remember. Does comedy was another horror movie. No like when when she's on talking dead. She is absolutely studying. She's a lovely woman. She just you're right. She absolutely commits to her role. Whatever that role requires and off season. She can totally style those haircuts in into something that works for her so yeah not not any any criticism for pollyanna mcintosh Kudos to her four leaning in And.

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