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Said this was after the Rodney king beating president George Herbert Walker bush said the phone with those terrible scenes jurists fall to demand an end to gratuitous violence and brutality law enforcement officials cannot place themselves above the law that they are sworn to defend it was nice to see the beating that was rendered and there's no way no way in my view to explain that away it was great walkable after the running these federal mama said after the murder of garner right now unfortunately we are seeing too many instances for people just do not have confidence that both of being treated fairly in some cases there may be this perception sections but in some cases that's a reality and this is coming upon all of us as Americans regardless of race religion region face that we recognize this is an American problem and not just a black problem more brown problem for native American problem this is an American problem when anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law that is the problem then the speaker making reference to George H. W. bush will his son former president George W. bush is also speaking out on a week of protests and demonstrations late this afternoon in a statement released by the bush office he writes the following quote Laura and I are anguished by the brutal suffocation of George Lloyd George Floyd and disturbed by the injustice and fear that suffocate our country yet we have resisted the urge to speak out because this is not the time for us to lecture it is time for us to listen America's greatest challenge has long been to unite people of very different backgrounds into a single nation of justice and opportunity this will require consistent courageous and creative efforts I'm confident that together Americans will choose the better way part of a lengthy nearly two page statement from former president George W. bush we posted on our website at C. span dot org well the bishop of the episcopal diocese of Washington was critical of the president's outside visited St John's church which is across from Lafayette park adjacent to the White House telling CNN the president did not pray when he came to St John's nor did he acknowledge the agony that our countries dealing with right now every president since James Madison his worship at that iconic church in during demonstrations on Sunday part of it was set on fire briefly but the cease fire department was able to quickly put it out in the basement of the church today White House counselor kellyanne Conway defending the president's decision to stand in front of St John's early last night I think there is a lot itself call into what you're you're looking.

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