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Tanning propellers helicopter will remain encapsulated. In the Rovers Billy for the next year and will be deployed around the beginning of. May roughly two. And a half months after the rover's landing once the rovers driven a better hundred meters from the touchdown point and the helicopters undergone extensive systems checks Alexa. Cute a test flight campaign lasting up to thirty days based on the current matters curiosity rover which is exploring gale crater the one thousand and twenty five kilogram perseverance rover with such as signs of pass. Microbial life it'll counter is the planet's climate and geology. It'll collect samples for future returned to Earth and it will pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet slated to start in just over a decade. The Mars Two thousand twenty perseverance mission has launch window running from July the seventeenth to August the fifth flying on an atlas five rocket from Space Launch Complex Forty one at the Cape Canaveral Air Force station. Florida this space time still to come. The science report and a new study is found that covered nineteen of fixed the brain and nervous system. Interact a third of all cases and reports that go to bed early and follow a consistent bedtime routine Mayo. Kids reduce the risk of becoming overweight or obese. All that and more still to come on space time and time that take another brief. Look at some of the other stories making these insights this week with a science report. A new study is found that the covert nineteen virus affects the brain and central nervous system in around a third of all cases. The findings reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association based on the Study of two hundred and fourteen patients with the curve in nineteen virus from the Wuhan Province epicenter in China where the disease began. Researches found that in more severe cases..

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