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Man who said he and his neighbors spent most of their evening cleaning up. I just started. Raining really hard. And then I noticed that the. That the water was not draining from the streets and started building up, and usually that's because the pump on the bay. Stops working. This is why a lot of people are putting out sandbags now along their garages. They're trying to prevent exactly the type of thing that the man that we spoke to is dealing with this is one of the low lying areas in Long Beach. So they were hit the hardest by the storm CBS nine news reporter have Milia our gala at Long Beach with a few more delays. As far as rain is concerned a lot more days ahead. People affected by the creek fire and Keio canyon. Lopez canyon little Tonga be prepared to evacuate with the fire. Charred hillsides already soaked the potential for them to give way only intensifies especially due to the unpredictability of the storms because they contain thunderstorms that can have very high intensity rainfall associated with them. It's the perfect storm. If you will to create mud in debris flow, Mark stray, director of LA county. Public works says right now, the county's debris basins have plenty of capacity, but the back to back storms means they will begin to fill up their working in tandem with other. Agencies to ensure public safety, including LA county fire chief deputy, David Richardson. We have a number of pre deployed resources to include our urban search and rescue teams not only in the burn areas. But also throughout the county. It should be noted that just about every area burned by fire in the past. Couple of years has the potential to be impacted depending on where the rain falls and how hard Margaret caro- KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio storms could dump up to a total four inches of rain in areas, like southern California, maybe even a little more. But that doesn't mean overall drought conditions for the region will change yet. Did he Jones with the State Department of water resources tells can't most to California has received below average rain since they water but again about a year ago? Now, if we keep getting more and more rain, we should be, you know, catching up so to speak. But frankly, the ability to do that kind of forecast weeks in advance is is very minimal. Let me restate that. I think I said a year ago I met the year the water year began in October. So just a few months ago. US the drought monitor has much of southern California and severe to extreme drought. Los Angeles County is looking into ways to regulate those scooters which are popping up all over supervisors voted to create a pilot program to regulate the scooters, which is being controlled various, cities and counties around the region. Residents became concerned were they turned up at altitude that east Pasadena scooter is which advocates say provided clean, and inexpensive voted transportation has been controversial since they began to appear on the streets. Merchants. Complain they end up randomly on sidewalks causing clutter residency them as dangerous to people walking on the sidewalks for his county departments will work to develop a pilot programs the next forty five days for Dukla scooters as well as shared bikes. A new study vindicates those who believe drivers across southern California behave badly car service startup your mechanic found. The state has the most aggressive drivers. It's based that on things like frequency of speeding break checking and tailgating, probably Montgomery with AAA tells KNX people need to relax, but that's easier said than done a lot of times there can be a real nasty behavior out there. But you do run the risk of the driver, if you respond to nasty behavior if that person could positive to you. So you really don't wanna do that aggressive drive against in the state happens once every seven minutes. Connecticut is second one aggressive driving incident every eight minutes. Rain sing alerts stalls water, flooding freeways, you got it all and then we have the ninety one to riverside. It has the problems to. We'll check it all out for you. Coming up in four minutes of twelve fifteen. Is the kids K? The kids. Seventy seven Kars four kids donate. Today. Seven kids. The seven the kids. Today and to donate. Visit us online. Dot com. It's quick and easy often. Maximum tax deduction. Also accepting boats, motorcycles, RV's and real estate.

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