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Is shot our next traffic updates coming up in ten minutes on seven ten W. O. are already two minutes now after five o'clock here on this Monday morning starting a brand new week and we had some nice weather to close out the weekend let's keep our fingers crossed that a little more is on the horizon here's meteorologist ray said you got the weather channel is a story that ray well Joe you know you nailed it yesterday we bailed Hyatt sixty career was actually right we should be this time of year so yeah closed out the weekend with some good weather the months running about average in terms of temperature and precipitation so there really hasn't been much in the way of anything out of whack from normal but after coming out of last Saturday with a high was forty six a nice street on Sunday the day today job should get into a pretty high stress high overcast filtering of sunshine as we go through this morning and this afternoon a little more club the club would be a little thicker some start may not be poking through as much fifty six thank you clapped forty four and then we got to change coming tomorrow answers I was cooking as early as between about seven to nine o'clock in the morning and then the afternoon there is actually one of the social with that rain could be a few thunderstorms developing in a marginal risk for strong or severe storms with means of gusty winds and small hail now from the store correction center over Oklahoma that's on the lower end of the risks so it doesn't look like a big chance of severe weather tomorrow high of sixty one degrees but you know what Joe it's a good reminder that we are starting to get into now that time of year well wait April early may and into June here in the northeast we start looking at storms to potentially become severe I think probably won't that might be one or two out there which should be a big outbreak but we'll see the colder come back you're not going to show right yeah into the mid thirties in the city your house your piece of upper twenties or low thirties so dress of Chile and then that's we call we won't right and by Wednesday we've got such on a chilly day low fifties Thursday in the fifties riding in the fifties with a chance of showers so ugly it said last week we're going to have the slight little pop ups then we figure crew maybe even this week we be below average for the most part terms of chapters yesterday your normal they were getting down today we're back up close to normal tomorrow but I think for the rest of the week we are below the average high this time of year sixty three and baby but at night we stay below the average child to later in the week the average low temperature which is forty six satellite around you could check your tomorrow and again probably as we look at it to work Friday see what you can do about getting a couple of these nice days in a row thank you right yup meteorologist ray stage with our forecast now at five oh four this report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover customer it includes your fight go credit score and checking your score card won't hurt.

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