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Missed the mark Crowley. The crowd goes wild, young man. What a fantastic introduction, though. Thank you so very much. What a great setup. Awesome. Really great job. It's good to have you here. I've been looking forward to our conversation. It feels like it was easy since we first spoke, but I've been really looking forward to this because by the way, just in case you want to know this is a great book. It's a fantastic book. I highly recommend that you get it, there's so much good value in it. As you can see, I've got my highlighter wedged in there who are aware of going in and out of the pages. It's really good stuff. So let's start where we always like to start. Especially for somebody like you and I, because we are very focused on that heart center and emotional connection to leadership. What is the origin story of what gives your life meaning? Because for me, leadership is all about meaning and oftentimes that's where it goes off track because the meaning is up here. So what's the origin story of what gives your life meaning? So first thing I'll say is that I think we're two brothers from different mothers. So having listened to your podcast and having conversations with you, I have that real deep sense that we are very much aligned in our thinking, how we got there is probably very different. So my origin story, if you will, is more of a tale than it is a quick condensed story. But basically, what happened in my life very early on is that my mom died suddenly when I was very, very young. And from that point, I was raised by my father and he, for every reason, even to this day, I don't think I'll probably go to my own grave, never really fully understanding his motivation to destroy my self esteem and to really cripple me as a human being, but he did a highly effective job of that. Massive abuse and psychological emotional abuse constant yelling constantly belittling. And when he had me pretty much at the worst state that I could possibly be in in terms of just believing in myself, right after high school he kicked me out of the house without anything. I never saw him again except for 15 years later when he was dying. And no financial support, no come home for holidays, Sunday Night dinners that was over. And so you can imagine that

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