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To what stop fifty hit a sour note when a major financial backer pulled out, and it seemed the concert to commemorate the iconic nineteen sixty nine event at Maxine skiers farm was off. But co-founder Michael Lang said organizers are committed to move ahead with the August show in Watkins Glen, New York, the hope is to bring in new financial backers. More than eighty artists have been lined up from Santana to Jay z and Miley Cyrus another concert will take place that same weekend at the original site, Steve Kaethe and CBS news. I'd wanna go with suck show. Yeah. One of the original was a mess, and I'm not old enough to remember that. But go cock is dead, by the way, I twenty fourteen he was at the original. Maybe he must've been but I love the idea. I mean, celebrating these these milestones and that concert symbolize that moment in our country's history right hippies. I mean, some of the most iconic photos ever taken these for taking on Woodstock. I love the story. But hopefully, this version whatever it has a being turns out as interesting as the first one, let's end with this Wisconsin sports awards annually done by good karma brand. It's going to be held the first week in June at Pfizer form, they have the nominees out. I'll give you one moment of the year. Rogers mounting that comeback against the bears on opening night game. One sixty three brewers beating the cubs to take the NFL central. That's number two. Number three is Woodruff. Brennan Woodruff homering off of Clayton Kershaw. Yes. Marquette forcing overtime at Creighton after being done by five with a second and a half left for me. Was pretty remarkable. It was amazing. It's not like the other one. And the last one the the men's basketball team, Wisconsin beating number two ranked Michigan in January five moments of the year, which takes it on. I'm biased towards NFL football season ticket holder. I love the what he did in that game was remarkable in the season. But it's remarkable career perspective. He was to hold off the field. We find out now a year later that he had a broken tibia. You lead. They looked embarrassingly bad in the first half. And they look like the team we all thought they were going to be at that point of the season. Incredible. In the second half to me as much as I love the game one sixty three which was epic on its own merits. I love the air Rodman that that. If that doesn't symbolize what that guy's about. What he brings the sports that game. Is it? It's a pretty cool presentation. It's a huge event eighth annual Wisconsin sports awards will be taking place at Pfizer forum June six downtown sat next to Doug Russell at last year's. Yeah. She bought me a beer to have a bureau YouTubers. All right. Sounds good. So that's date. Mark that down on your calendar. So my pick. I don't know who's gonna win. They don't tell us. I think it's going to be around put I could be wrong. Really's as beating the day where a story last year. Of course, you hear them right here on WTMJ. All right coming up after the news. I heard Susan Kim talking about this four to watch is the thing. She does gene Jane on Monday mornings, and it's about young people not wanting to leave the nest we're gonna we're gonna talk about them. What's going on here? What's the right age? Twenty twenty-five thirty thirty-five anybody still living in their parents basement and wants to call in. Here's your time. Right after the news right here. WTMJ radio show where.

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