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It sounds you hubei i urge our listeners to find it because it's wonderful but you matter when you were sixteen the first time yeah yeah i he played toronto and iran backstage as he was getting into his limo ease already in limo i put my hand in limited shake hands with them and he was clearly almost closed by hand in the in the limo and then i met him again katherine o'hara marty shored mandiri martyn i did this really horrible gig at the playboy gird playboy gorge club in new jersey and we didn't we had no idea what we'd signed on four was one of those things that you're agent goes out outage stir epic you're gonna love it it's a great gig and and nobody could so anyway we go there and what we found out when we got there was they were closing the club and they were doing a show they were going to come out and say to the staff laser gentleman don't bother coming into more because here all fired well and now a show i am cabinet earlier short short remark and i had to come out a tournament these people off of just found out they have no job and our hope was the main event on that night and so we were walking in the lobby towards the backstage area and then hope came in zontur are and i said hey body i met you in toronto any stops and he says are yeah.

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