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You'll you'll woke up to one to one the average consumer's guide to crypto currency this is matthew aaron and this is dany 'em solemn this is the start of a three part series that's going to be released day after day for the next three days talking about basic crypto words words that you're going to hear in the crypto space that you might not know what they're talking about and we just want to clarify this and these words are coming from decryption airy dot com yeah that's the simplest crypto dictionary and beginner's guide whose whose website is that danny oh that's my website oh wow asking i didn't know that anyway today we're gonna start with basic crypto words and these words are words that you're gonna see you might know what the mean or you might know the words but not know exactly what they meaning context crypto currency in our first word today is currency danny yes currency is one of those words that we all think we know but maybe we don't know all of it here's a definition for you currency is simply a system and its units for exchanging value the value each unit is just agreed upon by all of us to be worth something right and then you use those units to pay for things in services as well as your own debts the part that i find interesting is the history of the word currency comes from current meaning in use now currency is usually a news now because the government or banks produce it and we all agree that it has value right says to you matt that sounds amazing yeah hell yeah the next word is cryptography now cryptography is the study of making information unreadable so it's kept secret there are many types of critique graffiti including hiding words and images using microdots and computer programs in crypto currencies we hide money and the people who sent them in a scrambled unreadable form so now we have cryptography and we have currency and we're gonna put those together danny and those are going to be crypto currency stop i said danny what does it mean crypto currency is an electric money it's digital money it's money that you.

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