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I met sister rosetta in the summer of nineteen thirty seven she seem a little bit glad that she was married but she didn't seem to be very happy and that's the reason i took to her because i wanted to make her happy make her feel especially she really was but i didn't have any idea that she tommy wouldn't make it ira tucker longtime friend of sister rosetta tharp and lead singer for the dixie hummingbirds remembers rosetta first husband a little differently he was a tyrant from what my parents used to say and talk about he seemed to come out of the real real sub old school and believed in the kind of almost caveman like attitude towards women she was just a meal ticket she was a performer and he used her to bring people to his churches and he would put her up to saying and after a few years she had enough and she said you know what i'm gonna leave all of it and she made that big joe rosetta then left her husband and took her mother to new york in a city full of nightclubs rosetta was soon noticed it offered a spot at the prestigious cotton club singing to a white audience good night sean she was given by the men in charge made no mention of god the lyrics were about pleasing her man here again is roxy more in ira tucker it was like a bomb dropped on gospel music when she flipped it was like what no i can't believe that sister rosetta that's supposed to be seeing that kind of music she was pretty size and ostracized i mean the church be just you know just start that she had just gone way off.

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