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That have been able to use up more than 90% of the vaccine. First doses delivered to them. At least 25 states now say they aren't ordering their full allocation of vaccine made available to them every week. That extra on ordered supply, the Biden administration said, will now be shared with other states seeing higher demand CBS News reporter Alexander Tin and so with the vaccine numbers leveling off. Here comes another big vaccine push. The president says he wants to see 70% of American adults vaccinated by July 4th. And to do that he's going to try to make it as easy as possible. You could texture zip code right now. 4388 to 9 and get texts back within minutes to place this nearest to you to get a vaccination that are available immediately. 4388 To nine. I did it and in about 10 seconds of pop the clinic within walking distance. There's also new website vaccines dot go below it has been slams in might not be able to get to it right away here, CC CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky. We have to do the hard work of reaching the people where they are. So that means having more pop up clinics having more mobile clinics having more walk ins available, so it's very convenient for people to be able to get the vaccine. She also wants to get the vaccine into doctors offices. We're going to roll. Clinics over 4500 rural clinics to make sure that we can get to the more remote areas again. We need to make it convenient. We need to have trusted messengers delivering the message. We need to have it in physician's offices again more trusted messengers and on the elusive goal of herd immunity. She is not focused on a specific number, she says. The fewer people that are vaccinated, the more disease will be out there. And with that we have more virus replicating the more virus that replicates, the more likely we will have variant. So again, more people vaccinated, less disease, less variants. But the incentive here, she says that the the infection numbers come down. Restrictions will go away. What we're watching now is the population rates of vaccination and the disease rates watching them come down. And as soon as we're feeling more comfortable, where, with both increase vaccination and decrease disease will.

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