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Of the year little bit, you know, whether warming up I think, you know, this is a good day for him. Not to start. You're going to send your club out there to face Cal Quantrill. You and I you as a player me as a broadcaster member, his dad Paul pitching, similarities differences, what you see between dead and sun. Well, there's a there's a little bit of similarities. You know, I think that, you know with Paul he had a good breaking ball. His son has a good breaking ball. I think you know, his son throws a little bit harder than than his dad did. I think that's the case for, you know, a lot of players this day and age that the, the son who does rise at this level. Throws harder than his dad seems like everybody still ardor. But you know they're both the they were both Ryan pitchers with good field pitch. You know, Hetty pitchers you know, mix of quality pitches. So there's, there's a lot of striking similarities in that regard. But for your ball club like we started this abounds back last night. And obviously you want to keep it down with a big trip coming. Yeah, no doubt about it. Jay every, you know, every every series every game every trip, you know, a get us all the time about the importance. And they're all port equally important. So, you know this is a big trip. Coming up, obviously in division. You know, we got the down backs in the dodgers and the giants in a in a longer trip. So the it'd be good to get through these Padres here with the with a number of wins. Well individually, we're going to say go get him tonight. That's right. One at a time, thanks. The butt-black show was driven to you by shop out of motive time for a break and the KOA Rockies radio network..

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