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Of Russell hats that I don't know what the opposite like forbade seasons there like an opposite of Viagra That would that would make things significantly whimper. Any pharmaceutical people are out there in the audience. Cancer Pirker Schindler says the theme of millennials versus Gen X. Was Future our guests and not mad at that. You could also knows that for like many season in the thirties. Basically a little bit. Maybe made that goes in the forties solution of our HAP Day. Go I'll man. That's going to be like a snake eating. Its Own Tail. Just so finally. Let's here's some from Muhammad survivor. Forty old school versus new school Survivor thirty nine island of stay away from the idols survivor. Worlds apart high school high school a stick survivor. Tony's adventures survivors on. They'll sore kill bill and finally survivor Micronesia. Who RUN THE WORLD GIRLS? Gherman WHO EARNS GAP? It reminds me of like there's been like survivor. Sucks Post and some post about like season summed. Up as LIKE SPONGEBOB. Quotes or the office quotes. This was sort of like a version of that. And I love those exercises to like some a season in a few words or like a three second clip so for next week as we approach the merge here what you all out there. Wendell in my pun. Loving heart had a delightful sendoff to you'll in this episode as he voted for you'll held up vote and said you'll be on the edge of extinction tonight. Second only his drop the mic Bro. Put down the pen Bro. Pickup the eraser. So I want you all to do your best Wendell create your own voting confessional where you create upon using the name of a person who's still in the game like I hope you're inclined not to play your idle tonight Adam you're going to the extinction something like that. You have a bunch of ways you can reach out to us with that answer can always email it to us rha. Bnb DOT com the letter the letter the letter B. at treated to using Hashtag Rha. Bnb posted on facebook. Reddit Youtube under one of these guys videos. I don't know we'll cover it all next week as we finally get to the merge of what is it war will be joined by the. Great Kirsten McGinnis to break it all down shirt and extremely fun time so be sure to check that out. Liana. We'll be back as well for now. Gentlemen the pleasure was all mine to get to nerd out about survivor. With two of the best survivor contact creators. I know really putting out so much. Fantastic content each and every week. You know someone who absolutely loves YouTube. I never thought that my opinions would align with survivor. Eleven Youtube love outside of like little compilation videos. But you've been able to really make make make this into a different style and I know I speak on behalf of the community when I thank you both for the work that you have done in that you're going to be able to do moving forward so if you guys want to plug your channels your social media and if you want to plug again what might be coming up down the line in the immediate future for your videos. Let's start with him. Yeah Okay you can find me on Youtube Paladium. It's P. R. I The I am. That is a combination of the word paradox and diamond which is my birth birth thrones. Kinda RANDOM YOU'RE GONNA find me on twitter at my name Billy Geiss and on Instagram I put up videos every week every Wednesday right before the latest episode of survivor and in the case of big brother. If we have at this season I like to put them out every Thursday before the live addiction. So if you're not a fan of survivor and you WanNa wait for your brother. I do talk about big brother and vice versa. Yeah I've got a new video coming out this Wednesday. Going talking about talking about the most heartbreaking votes in survivor industry personally personal video. Obviously it's very relevant to the pre merger winters at war and we may be seeing a winner to on that list so there you go.

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