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That celebrates America, Fox News Media, America's news and much more The federal appeals court in Washington has agreed to give in on bond hearing. That would be all 11 judges on the court, the federal judge Emmet Sullivan, and his attempt not to dismiss the case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn. An earlier three judge panel from the court told Judge Sullivan He should dismiss Flynn's attorney, Sidney Powell, telling Fox's Hannity is a sad day for the rule of law. Judge Sullivan's petition for rehearing should not have even been considered by the court because he had no standing to file it. He's not a party in the case. He's supposed to be a neutral umpire, and yet he has taken on the role of an advocate. Flynn pleaded guilty under duress, he says the charges of lying to the FBI. The Justice Department has since decided there was no legal basis. For the charge. Protesters out in Portland, Oregon to get overnight even as the mayor says there is an agreement to reduce federal law enforcement presence there. Mayor Ted Wheeler says he is confident federal law enforcement is leaving his city, even if the president and the homeland security chief Say they're not leaving until organ state police proved they will protect federal buildings in personnel. Wheeler says he understands city police will not be protecting federal buildings and that protesters will stop their nightly protests. Once they feel their demands have been met our local our state, our federal office holders are making real progress on meeting those demands. I feel very confident about that. At the local level. Portland police have issued press releases after many of the violent protests each night, noting They do not disperse crowds or used tear gas or make arrests. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News surgeon, Corona virus cases appears to be leveling off in Texas and Florida, But experts say other states including Mississippi, you're seeing new increases. A committee of the house probing the government response to the pandemic. Will hear testimony from Dr Anthony found she of the test force today. Jack Callahan. This is Fox News. WCBM Baltimore. It is a soggy start to the weekend, but the good.

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