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He has appears to be prepared to send in state troopers into Austin following millions of dollars in cuts to policing that were approved this past summer. Now, I bet tells Fox seven news. He's fully prepared to make the city Council pay for every trooper. That has brought into the city and he's serious about stripping the city of its annexation. Powers allow people who have been annexed into awesome to dnx themselves from the city of Austin. Wow, that's big. Now, he says State troopers would focus on the area from Red River, two 32nd streets and from I 35 Damo Pack and around the U. T campus. Good idea. Yeah, Yeah, It's a good idea. Unfortunately, it zit something that we need unfortunate wish it wasn't like this, but it appears this is what is needed. Well, you know, you say good idea is exactly what you say. It's really unfortunate that that it's an idea that has to be floated it all. It shouldn't be. But here we are. You know, I have a feeling this governor is going to do everything he possibly Can do within his power within the power of governors, too. Too kind of, you know, quell wherever he can. What? What this Mayor and City Council are doing. He's aware of it. Of course he lives here. He sees it. He peels it himself. He knows that we have a situation here that it spun out of control. I think anywhere that he could possibly stretch his powers and interfere a times. I think you will. And I hope he does. I hope he does. And at any at any possible carefully. You careful what you ask for. You don't want a governor interfering in every city issue, do you? I mean, it takes his local? No, right. And you gotta be careful. This slope here. There's a reason for that. To be able to keep you only want the governor to intervene on things you're concerned about. No. But when we have a situation here when we have Ah Mayor and City Council, which they're clear goal, they're clear goal. Without question is to ruin the city, which they're doing. They're doing on a daily basis improves itself every single day one with the mandate there's more of them than there are of you. You know, I read Cassard, this entire city council this prop a. They won with a mandate. That is their little climate change legislation. They over this. The voters of Austin, Texas, overwhelmingly support property and they overwhelmingly support the defunding of police. You know, I think they did with the buttons that they push, but I don't think overwhelmingly It's the thinking here in Austin. Yeah, it's force the voters that turned out. Obviously, we still don't have enough people still going to that. We still don't have enough people going to the polls because I don't think I don't think that's the majority of Austinites are really don't the majority of Austin. I think we got to not want profit. I think we got too many people going to the polls. Look at the wrong people going into many uneducated. Yeah, exactly right. So I didn't think people vote nowadays. I just want to feel good about something, I think. Seriously, I think most people vote because they just want to feel good over gets new trains. Oh, that feels good. That be nice. The family not we went on a vacation in a city where they had trains and subways and bicycles. It looks so much fun running those bicycles. Oh, they're gonna have that here. Oh, let's vote for that. I think that's I think for a lot of voters is just a feel good. They feel good. I think so. And maybe just feel good about the fact that they're voting what you should. Everybody should vote. But It's got to be more than feeling good. It's it's got to mean something. It has to be for the For the better. It has to be making the world better. Bottom line. And this this past go round was that was not the case. So Yeah, Todd, I'm sorry, but I truly feel that we do have a city government right now. That is just hell bent on destroying this city. And I don't think they have that in their head. But but their actions that's what's happened. It's what's happened. What's happened? They don't they don't see the blowback of their current policies. Right? Right show? Yes, I understand the danger of you know potential danger. In problems with governor Maybe, you know, stretching his power a little bit too much here and there, But in this case, I'm glad he's there. And I want him to step in wherever he sees social problem because we need it. We need it right now. And obviously the police is the police situation is priority number one. Safety should be priority number one. I hear you, man. But elections have consequences, and the voters of Austin have spoken. They made a choice. I don't like it either. They made a choice. And I think some people are pretty well, they're not thinking clearly about the governor's involvement. You know what I mean? I mean, what if it was a Democrat governor, they wanted to move in and encourage City Council to cut funding for things. Slippers. Look careful what you ask for. I understand, I understand. But in this case you feel it's ah, dire need to save a city. I feel like we're being held captive by by a bunch of crazies right now, to put it quite simply. And some a mayor and the City Council who this town really means nothing to them. They're not from here. None of them were from here. They don't have much history here, so they don't have any perspective. Other than that, it was our world that they seem to want to create it. I could support somebody That's not from here running the City Council. But when you're not from here in the first thing you want to do is change Everything. Yeah, kind of disingenuous and it kind of it's kind of like salt in the wounds. If you would you're listening to the best of Todd. And don News..

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