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No shirt no shoes no mask no service you're listening to USA radio news now you can live anywhere in the world and paid account prices on your airline right to learn anywhere else you want to go and pay a lot less call the international travel department right now at low cost airline eight hundred two one five five one four one eight hundred two one five five one four one that's eight hundred two one five fifty one forty one millions of American fathers will be honored and celebrated on Sunday but Friday marks one hundred ten years since it was first observed in the United States the first but unofficial celebration was held for the first time at a YMCA in Spokane Washington on June nineteenth nineteen ten after a campaign by a twenty eight year old resident Sonora smart Dodd but the city to institute a holiday honoring fathers she first conceived of the idea during a mother's day sermon earlier that year she's known as the mother of father's day her and her five siblings were raised by a single father after their mother died in childbirth dot asked the city of Spokane to recognize the event on her father's birthday June fifth city officials however moved it back to June nineteenth to allow pastors time to prepare their sermons father's day celebrations then spread to other parts of the Pacific Northwest with Portland Oregon also suggesting the holiday in nineteen eleven in nineteen sixty six president Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation to recognize father's day and then in nineteen seventy two president Richard Nixon made it a permanent national holiday when he signed the proclamation into law you can listen to current news updated hourly or search through the archives and find a story that aired days ago listen to all the news all the time and he was a radio dot com attention homeowners do you have a house various.

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