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Greig frequent i really felt that they had backed up their predictions materialistic man had from ted talks in two thousand one the league in which john wooden played in indianapolis was an early version of the nba says monte that wasn't the only protein indiana teams in kokomo emergency in ohio around the midwest and these guys would drive two games and cars they all had other jobs a course while wooden might have been getting fifty bucks the game guys re by get 20 bucks type of thing the caskey's lasted through the late 40s until they folded when the team founder lost interest monte th says other teams game for better or worse he had the jets for one season they were orbiting uh and then the they basically dissolved and we had the olympians and indianapolis olympians or quite a store into themselves they were founded basically by five members of the university kentucky basketball team that had won the nc aa championship and had made up the core of the 19th 48 united states olympic team that won a gold medal on london he might have never heard of the indianapolis olympians there's a reason why the team wasn't around much longer after the point shaving scandal says mart monte unfortunately that night in the fall of 19 fifty one i think it was some of the kentucky players had taken money from gamblers uh and there were allegations of points shaving now alex rosa frankly probably was guilty beard i don't believe was i got to know ralph really well he took money nece in home to mom but he didn't try to influence the outcome begin history gray area here but the olympians basically get blown up by that scandal because beard grows or banned for life from the india the team lingered but not for much longer there stained by the.

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