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One ad spot on one show like like What's the cost benefit and second of all like who who's going to be willing to do this? Is Really hard and. Nobody really knows how to track any of this stuff. So even brands that are looking to buy at scale The analytics are really poor and so. At this point still. It's still just downloads. And then. The AD system is so messed up and like. My favorite part of the AD system is if you go on like seller crowd, the fact that like people out there trying to sell advertising. Literally spend most of their time trying to figure out like who to contact even about lake because the turnover at agencies is so it's like, do you know who's doing gyco Now? Like nobody even knows so it's it's an uphill battle to be sure. So let's daily report from seller cod is like something I look for her Good Job Clinton. The let's talk about the pandemic a little bit. You know what has been obviously, it's impacted every business. But what has been the impact. For you guys. So at the beginning ad sales took a huge head. We had like a couple of deals that were basically done except for signed and they all disappeared So that was really hard. Switching to a remote workforce, we're only ten employees has been really hard. We have this beautiful, which was a big accomplishment big milestone in our in our business. And we're obviously not there right now. And just figuring out I, mean you're doing it to like remote recording while it can happen and it's less disruptive than other media. It's still no small thing especially when working with talent and guests and booking all these things. Also like audience has shifted we. So again, like I mentioned that we did this big activation in women's history women's history month is the moment for us. It's when all the platforms give us the love..

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